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CR Post (work in progress)


Mayfield "Family"

Mayfield Friends/Allies

It's Complicated

Investigation Team and Other Contacts

Mayfield Enemies


Code mooched from [ profile] brotherseyes , who mooched from [ profile] markofthewise .

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character: Klavier Gavin
canon: Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
journal: [ profile] gaydrill

"I really do care for you, Fräulein, I always have, and during this short time those feeling for you have somehow grown stronger."

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character: Kay Faraday
canon: Ace Attorney Investigations
journal: [ profile] thief_of_truth

"...Oh! Yeah, that's me! Kay Faraday!

You sound kinda different, though."

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character: Dick Gumshoe
canon: Ace Attorney Investigations
journal: [ profile] derp_detective


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character: Iris
canon: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
journal: [ profile] knitbadsweaters


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character: Schuldig
canon: Weiss Kreuz
journal: [ profile] have_your_lives

"This is why you died, Ema. You have the worst judgment I've ever seen in a supposedly thinking being. It's only because this place circumvents natural selection that you're still here making the exact same mistakes."

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