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private convo between Ema Skye, Edward Nigma, and Luke Triton

[After yesterday, Ema is in no mood to play around. She's up and moving early, hitting the streets in search of a green-clad Riddler and a blue-clad young puzzler. They need to talk in private. The announcement of their names at the end of the day (and the consequences therefrom) are a risk she's willing to take.

Once she's gathered the group, she leads them back to her cabin and into her room, where she locks the door and finally exhales freely.]

I think it goes without saying, but I hate this place. I'd take Mayfield over what's going on here.
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[Luke remains quiet, even after they reach Ema's room. It's not like he hasn't dealt with difficult and horrible situations like this before, but this was just a little too much for him. He was scared, afraid of being left alone after seeing what happened to Bonnie Hood, afraid of being executed, afraid that he wouldn't come back this time if he did die.]

I'd rather be in Mayfield right now.
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Settle down. Both of you.

[Edward's really not happy about this situation, either. Ema's right, it really goes without saying.]

Let's not get too nostalgic, shall we? Because as appealing as Mayfield may be over this, that doesn't change the fact that this is what we're stuck with. And what we're going to be stuck with unless we can find a way out.
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[Luke gives a small, nervous nod. He really doesn't want to talk about what the critter said to him, but...]

O-of course you can.
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...Can't you?

[Brrr. Anyone else feel that sudden chill that's swept through the room? Edward's eyes narrow as he takes a step forwaforward and snaps back:]

By this point, my dear, I would certainly hope you can trust us! What the hell kind of question is that?!

[Suddenly, he's not sounding too calm about this either.]
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Dad, don't fight.

[Luke's quiet for a moment. When he speaks he sounds more somber then he already is..]

I got the dove. It means if I get executed during the day, then no one dies at night. I think I can stop someone from being excuted by taking their place too.
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[Before Edward can shoot yet another retort back at Ema, Luke's already started speaking. He doesn't say anything in response, allowing this new information to sink in: Luke is the dove. While the boy could potentially serve as protector for either Ema or himself, Edward very strongly hopes it never comes to that.

Ema's voice cuts through his thoughts, and he thoughtlessly responds with a very flat:]


[He blinks from her to Luke, then back again. She's expecting an answer and he's not being terribly reassuring, he knows. But...]
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I'm sure you have your reasons.

[Is it possible to sound both defensive and accusatory all at once? Edward's somehow doing a pretty stellar job at that.]

But you know I can't answer that.
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If dad's a hunter, he'll have to kill one of us.

[Spoken bluntly. Luke's not even being hostile, just stating the facts. He glances up at Ema.]

...Unless mum is a hunter too.
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Nobody is killing anyone in this room. Is that clear?

[Edward doesn't appreciate Luke's tone, nor does he appreciate the look he's giving Ema. The best thing he can do right now is explain his reasons for staying quiet while keeping them all on the same page.]

Look. I understand your concerns. But consider this. Even if they claim that a conversation like this, behind closed doors, isn't to be recorded, who's to say that they aren't still listening in?

[By they, of course, he refers to his captors, and he glances around the room, eyes resting up in some isolated corner.]

And who's to say we should even be discussing our roles with one another to begin with?

[He glances back to Ema, to Luke.]

Personally, I think it's dangerous.
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[Silence. Painful, excruciatingly heavy silence.

It's not as if he doesn't trust them with the knowledge of his role in all this. How could he not trust them? Ema and Luke are easily the two most important people in his life. The two he'd do anything for. So much about him has changed in the past three years and he has them both to thank for it.

...But there are still some things never change. The three of them are stuck in a game. Games have rules. And to break those rules would be cheating.

Simple as that.]

I... I can't.
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[Edward's lack of an answer is enough to get some response out of Luke. He's irritated that he won't tell them a straight answer, because if he's not prey, then Luke can't take comfort in the fact that he can take his place if Edward were to be executed.

He stands up, sounding almost angry.]

Does it really matter? One side is going to have to kill the other to win. That's the rules of the game.

[Maybe if he dies, he'll wake up. Safe in his bed. That's how it always went before. But if he doesn't...

Well, then he doesn't have to be afraid anymore does he? He thinks he might have accepted what's going to happen to him.]

I don't care what happens anymore, I just want this game to be over.

[He stares at his feet.]

...If we're done talking, I'm going back to my cabin now.
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[Oh, there's a lot he wants to say right now but can't, both due to his own insufferable compulsions and Luke's sudden outburst.

Damn it all. This isn't what he'd wanted for any of them. They'd come into this cabin as a family, and now... Now he isn't quite sure what they'll be when they leave. Will they still be a family if they can make it out of this alive...? No. When they make it out of this alive.

They'll find a way. Just not today.]

Fine. I suppose that's my cue to leave as well.

[They've taken a serious risk, trusting each other enough to share their roles with one another. He won't compromise that.

He'll hold the door open for Luke as they leave, sparing one last glance at Ema before slinking out the door as well.]