glowing_skye: (I will cut you!)
Ema Skye ([personal profile] glowing_skye) wrote2013-04-27 04:33 pm

private convo between Ema Skye, Edward Nigma, and Luke Triton

[After yesterday, Ema is in no mood to play around. She's up and moving early, hitting the streets in search of a green-clad Riddler and a blue-clad young puzzler. They need to talk in private. The announcement of their names at the end of the day (and the consequences therefrom) are a risk she's willing to take.

Once she's gathered the group, she leads them back to her cabin and into her room, where she locks the door and finally exhales freely.]

I think it goes without saying, but I hate this place. I'd take Mayfield over what's going on here.

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