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Ema Skye ([personal profile] glowing_skye) wrote2013-05-11 08:49 am

Note to Luke Triton

[This note precedes the notes she has been taking, which she has also handed over.]


I am so sorry that I need to trust you with this, but I'm not comfortable holding onto this data tonight. The hunters absolutely cannot get a hold of this--it's the one advantage we have. Keep it safe.

If I am dead tomorrow, I need you to talk to Ukraine. I've attached a note for her to this note here. Hopefully, she'll tell you about Ciel.

If Ciel's window is dark, trust her. She's cunning, and she's smart enough to help the prey win.

If Ciel's window is lit, she has been lying to us. Find out the truth.

With any luck, I'll see you in the morning.