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private convo between Ema Skye, Ukraine, and Lithuania - Day Six

[Since Ema survived the night--even if one of her cabinmates did not--she has several people with whom she needs to meet. Ukraine, with her ability to see who is and who is not active at night, is one of those people. Despite the gory scene in the next room, Ema decides to conduct the meeting on her home turf.]

I appreciate you talking to me like this, Ukraine. Thank you for being willing to.

[She then glances at the other, unexpected guest.]

Ukraine invited you along?
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[Ukraine smiles a little thinly.]

Sorry, I didn't get a chance to tell you. But we thought it would be a good idea if we both came.
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I'm so sorry I didn't expect to get so busy today

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There's no need to announce that you spoke with Miss Ukraine if I'm here, too--I'll show up as having had a private conversation, and I've had them with Miss Ukraine before. It would make this conversation as secret as it could be, I suppose.
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[She nods.]

Her window was dark.
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Ah, that's good. [Lithuania sounds a touch relieved--she seems exactly the type who, if she were a wolf, would be able to manipulate the trials without being suspected.]
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[She bites her lip.]

And now of course there's the werewolf I suppose my old findings are possibly wrong.