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~forty-one~ (100% Emadroned)

[A: Action]

[Sometime in the late morning, Ema Skye can be found in her kitchen making (or simply setting out) a variety of breakfast foods: scrambled eggs, bacon, biscuits, toast, muffins, fresh fruit, and so forth. There's even coffee and some mimosas made from all-American orange juice from Florida and some sparkling wine from California (not champagne, that's French!).

Why all the food? Well, because it's Independence Day and Ema's decided to have an open house for brunch, that's why! Both her front door and her back one are wide open, allowing smells from the kitchen to drift out into the street and neighboring properties.

Come grab a bite and say hello? An open door means an open invite, after all, and that's what good neighbors do.]

[B: Phone]

[A little later on--after talking to several people--Ema's concerned and more than a little confused.]

I don't know what's gotten into the water, but I'd like to know why everyone is suddenly acting like the Communists have taken over and we shouldn't believe anything we're told.

What the hell happened? I thought this was a place where we trusted each other.

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Trust? What in the name of the Sun are you talking about?

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Well, everyone's acting all paranoid. It's like they don't believe anything they're told.

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Well, yeah! Why would you believe anything around here?

[Because Mayfield is awesome, that's why, silly Miakis~]

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...because it's our home?



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My, a lady shouldn't swear. [He chuckles a bit, teasing. Wait...what was wrong with her swearing? Hell wasn't that strong of a word.]

Is somethin' wrong Ema?

Re: [phone]

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...well, no, probably not.

It's just that people are acting strangely, talking about histories and memories that don't--shouldn't--exist. We're all from here, not... whatever everyone's saying.

That's all.

Re: [phone]

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[But...but it's all true...]

Don't let it get you down, there's probably a bad case of hotdogs going around or something.


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That's possible. Or maybe something in the milk--I know some prankster got his hands on mine before I brought it in. Razor blades, can you believe it?

Re: [phone]

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Re: [phone]

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And what would ever make you think something like that? [Ema, this conversation may go a bit smoother than his last seeing how he's 100% droned.]


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[Yay, does that mean they're friends?]

Just what I've been hearing today. Some people are running around saying Mayfield isn't even real.

Which is ridiculous. If it wasn't real, we wouldn't be here.


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[About as much of a friend as a Mayfield-bred!Draco could have.]

That's absurd. How can Mayfield not be real? We have neighborhoods and schools and's all physically here. Perhaps the heat is getting to people?


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[Good enough for Ema!]

That's what I'd like to know. It might be the heat.

I can't imagine what else it could be. Something in the water?


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No, the Communists took over last year.

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I must have missed that, then. [Ema laughs, assuming it's a joke. She doesn't remember Maipole at all.]

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You'd have to be blind to miss something like that.

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I would. We'd be eating nothing but beets and getting shot in the street for not loving Mother Russia enough.

[She has no idea how accurate she is.]

But I don't remember that happening at all. You're just kidding around, aren't you?


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Er....Ema? You all right?

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Yeah, I feel fine. Why wouldn't I?

How are you faring?

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Uh....y-yeah.....just keeping a lookout because...well, what happened last year....

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phone; 100%

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You know how silly and excited people get around this holiday, Ema. These little boys and girls have been spiked with American Courage, and I guess that means they're spreading their foolishness to the adults with those false claims about Sputnik and those awful communists.

[ She sighs ]

It's awfully pathetic. They should just sit back and enjoy this town.

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Maybe that's what's going on. Hopefully people will calm down after the holiday and we can get back to being a normal town again.

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I'd love for this town to be normal, but that hardly seems possible anymore. Every time we turn around there's just more silliness. I hope those pesky commies go soon, we could have a barbecue in celebration. This town has been really strange lately....

I mean, did you hear about The Major being an escaped and immigrant Nazi? After Lucrezia told me that, I've been steering away from him like you'd never believe! I don't want my kids near someone like that.

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[Some time before he talks to Edward, Schuldig walks into the kitchen. No self-assured saunter today; he's having trouble keeping clear who his self even is. When he sees all the food, though, he stops dead.

He has a bad feeling about this already. Ema is usually no more domestic than he makes her be, which is usually just to the extent of making coffee...except, no, she always makes breakfast, and she's a great cook -

Goddammit. Keane keeps trying to creep into his thoughts. Schuldig tends to be able to force him back, if only because the telepathic half of him has a lot more practice in fighting for control of his mind, but he's never had to fight his own thoughts before. It quite frankly terrifies him.

And now Ema. Ema is - his loving wife, they'd bickered all through high school and somehow they'd started getting attached to each other, and then he'd started actively charming her, and no one could stop Keane when he really wanted something - acting strangely. Thinking strangely. He won't find any normalcy here...or, at least, nothing Schuldig considers normal.

The halves of his mind war for something to say, and finally compromise on something they both want to ask.]
What's all this?

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[Blissfully unaware of her husband's mental turmoil, Ema responds with a fond smile. While the expression may not be entirely alien to Schuldig, it has never, ever been directed at him. Ema and Schuldig have an alliance, of sorts, but it is by no means an affectionate or even especially happy one.

Keane, however, has seen this expression almost every day of his adult life. After finally winning Ema over, the two have been happily married for years. She worries about him--he's still unemployed and isn't always the easiest man to live with--but she's behind him 110% She gets on him sometimes, trying to get a fire lit beneath him. And she's just as likely to roll her eyes or lineface at him as she is to smile and encourage him. Just because she's droned doesn't mean she's not Ema, for once.

Today, however, is a holiday. Huffing can be delayed a day.]

Making breakfast. Well, brunch.

You don't mind if I open the kitchen up to the neighborhood, do you? After we eat, of course.

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[That expression on Ema's face, directed at him, helps somewhat...albeit in a strange way. Schuldig's certainty that there is something very wrong if Ema is looking at him like that is strong enough to bend steel around. He holds onto that.]

Ema, have you - forgotten Klavier? How he left?