Mar. 16th, 2011

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[Ema's still shaken from the whole angels thing (and the uncomfortable night she spent with a certain Edward Nigma while spirited away to wherever that was), but an opportunity like this doesn't come up every day. They're being given the chance to explore their world beyond the one town; she'd be remiss as an investigator if she didn't jump at the chance. Even if that's what the town wants her to do. Even if it will end up like Westport. Even if she dies horribly for it. Again.

Although she doesn't feel nearly as resolved about this as she'd like, Ema has made up her mind--she's going. Which is why guests and housemates can find her packing up a few bags and getting ready. She's even dared to take money out of the bank account (after much, much grief and a few lies to the drone banker), something for which she's sure to hear about from Schuldig later, if not now.

After her bags are packed, she takes it to the phones.]

I don't trust this.

But it's an opportunity I can't let pass by, so I'm going. However, I'm not an idiot--I won't survive alone if things go poorly. So I'm asking for people to come with me, assuming everyone hasn't already left. Scout? You around?

[Filtered to Klavier]

I'm sorry. I know you don't like when I do this.

I'll be glad to have you with us, if you're up to an investigation.

[Actually, she'd prefer he come with.]


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