Jun. 27th, 2011

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[Klavier's droned. For good.

Needless to say, Ema's taken the discovery pretty hard. The two of them had been together for over a year after arriving within a few months of each other. Yes, lately things had been strained, but they had been working through it. Klavier was her rock, the man who gave her comfort when the town hit her too hard, the man who held her and assured her that she was brave (if reckless) and was doing the right thing.

He loved her. And she loved him. Loves him.

And now? All of that is gone, ripped out from underneath her. She has no rock, no lover to turn to. Mayfield has, effectively, taken away the most important foundation she has in her network of allies.]

Okay, Mayfield. I get it. We're all supposed to be miserable. There's not supposed to be any joy here. Fine.

Lesson learned.

[After a long pause.]

For anyone who knew him: Klavier's been droned.

[And she hangs up.]

A: 1492 Kramden Road
[Ema's only home for coffee and a meal. Both are sitting in front of her, half touched. Her expression is distant, as if she's not really there at all.]

B: in and around 5723 Cunningham Lane
[Ema has already torn through the house once today, tearing through Klavier's belongings in order to discern whether his droning was permanent or not. There's no reason for her to return; it's not like she can simply wish him back. Logically speaking, she's done with the address for now.

And yet, she's hanging around nearby, looking up at the house and sighing heavily as she thinks things over. Occasionally, some impotent anger flares in her and she throws something at the front door. She isn't sure if she's more depressed or more angry, so she's letting herself swing wildly between the two.]

C: John Doe Park
[Ema finally settles in the park, sitting on a park bench and drinking herself stupid. She knows this is a terrible way to react--it's letting the town win, in a way--but she needs to simply sit and be miserable. Tomorrow is for bouncing back and taking action. Today is for drinking until she feels better.

Unsurprisingly, it's not working. Several bottles are scattered on the ground around her. And Ema looks like she's ready to cry. Really, she's wanted to cry all day--it's just that she's finally ready to let herself do so]


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