Nov. 26th, 2011

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[Ema's been in Mayfield for well over a year now. She's seen some of the worst this place has had to offer. None of it has prepared her for this.

That doesn't give her the luxury of sitting around bemoaning her fate, however. Quite the contrary; she needs to act quickly in order to gather supplies before things get worse. After a few moments to pull herself together (and a much-needed scream of frustrated rage), she digs a large bag out of the wreckage and gets going.

A: In and around what remains of 1492 Kramden

Ema is checking on her family, making sure that everyone is alive, well, and accounted for. Schuldig and Misaka are capable and able to fend for themselves, but Ema still worries about them. As for Enigma, the girl isn't even eight years old. Until she finds Edward, her youngest not!daughter is not leaving her sight.

B: Hospital

Ema is looting the remains of the hospital for food (much of it is processed or meticulously preserved, making it ideal rations for a time like this), clean water, medical supplies, and possibly a means of self-defense.

C: Various places around town

Ema is searching for any and all people she knows and cares about. Be prepared for uncharacteristically tight hugs when she finds you.]

((ooc note: Ema will have Enigma with her until the two of them find Edward, at which point the girl will probably stay with him (since he's her Daddy and all). Anyone who tags is free to find Ema with or without Engima--just please let us know in the post!))


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