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[Mayfield is no longer the town it once was. It's decimated, not unlike a warzone after a terrible battle... which, really, is exactly what this place is. The information that's starting to come in over the phones is no better--nothing conclusive, yet, but all of it unsettling. Ema almost longs for the squeaky-clean facade that she's grown accustomed to, as irritating as it was; at least that was familiar and somewhat predictable. This? This is carnage. This is the end of what patterns Ema had learned to expect from Mayfield. This is a need to rebuild. This is a horrible, overwhelming sense of uncertainty about the present and, more distressingly, about the future.

Ema really hates uncertainty.

However, it will do her no good to simply remain inactive, so she's forcing herself to pull herself together and press on. Now, more than ever, she wants to find a way out of here.]

[A: phone]
For all of you who came out to help with the Post Office investigation: thank you. The data is safe and I'm going to begin going through all that we've collected to see what we can make of it.

I hope you're all all right. And please consider keeping in touch; if we're going to learn how this place works, we'll need an active investigation team. If any of you saw something or heard something about what happened at the Dairy that you think is relevant to our interests, please let me know.

I'm going to inspect the damage and see if people are all right.

[B: housemates at 1492 Kramden Road]
[Ema is sitting at the kitchen table, drinking coffee. She's preparing to head out and visit people she's worried about/see what she can do with the forensic data she's managed to collect. The briefcase is sitting right next to her, untouched so far.]

[C: around town]
[Ema's wandering, trying to take in everything. It's almost unfathomable, how much has changed over the past several days. She supposes she should start taking an inventory of what's been destroyed and what needs to be taken care of, but... she doesn't even know where to begin. She's trained as an investigator, not a rescue worker.

Therefore, Ema decides to focus on making sure the people she cares about are all right. If you know her fairly well, expect a knock at your door.]

[D: 5723 Cunningham Lane]
[Hi, Klavier, here's your girlfriend with some dinner and a bottle of wine. It's a little late for Valentine's Day and the circumstances are far from ideal, but... after everything that's just happened, they probably both need a night to destress and just be a couple.

She also has a briefcase for you to hold onto. She doesn't trust Schuldig not to tamper with it.]


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[Ai answers the door, looking up at her.]

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Hey, Ai.

[Ema crouches, getting a good look at the girl.]

How are you holding up?

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[Ai looks back at her. She doesn't look as tired as she usually does.

However she looks even more deadpan then she normally does.]

I don't know.
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I wasn't a part of it. But can I ask how the investigation went?

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I was hoping to find evidence of how the Postman operated. There was none to be found.

We did gather some pretty solid forensic evidence, however. That might be useful, if we ever get access to a database to confirm his real identity or find something that can examine his DNA on a close enough level that we can check for abnormalities.

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That sounds fascinating. I don't have the resources for a, forensic investigation's. But I do have some computers I might be able to let you use.


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Keep me posted on what you find. I'm working on several theories, and any additional information to bolster them would be useful.

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I will.

I plan on calling the team--and anyone who wants to join it--together after things calm down a bit and people have had a chance to recover a little.


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[If Ema stops near Williams Road at any time, she'll discover that Bree is coming home from the store, bags in hand. She didn't want to drive through all of that wreckage...but dinner has to make it onto the table. If it's even food in those bags. They look heavy.]

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Hey there. [Small wave?]

Thanks again for the other day. Did you make it home all right?


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If you need any help sorting that stuff, I'd be glad to help.

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I'm sure I will. Thanks.

[There's a pause.]

Are you okay, Crowe? At least... as okay as can be expected?

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A-As best as to be expected, yeah. What about you?


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[Scout's sitting on someone's fence, in his police uniform, tossing a baseball up and down in his hands. The town's been pretty quite after the robot attack, and the last thing he feels like doing is acting like a cop. But still, he doesn't want to get droned for not working, either.

He'll give Ema a wave when he sees out walking.]

There ya are.

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Scout! [She's been worried about you, bro. The last time she saw you was right before she took a bullet to the head.]

Are you okay? I... things have been nuts, haven't they?

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Same ol' same ol' for me. An' damn right they have. Ya feelin' okay?

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[If Ema passes by the Riddler's house over on Anderson Lane, she'll notice a few things immediately wrong with this picture. For starters, Eddie's out in his front yard, mowing the lawn. And he's enjoying it. The only thing on him that's even remotely green are the grass stains on his threadbare work clothes. When he's finished with this latest row, he'll be pulling the bag of freshly cut grass off the mower, carrying it across the lawn to a garbage can on the driveway, whistling a jaunty tune.]

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[That's just creepy on a variety of levels. And there's that tightening in her chest again; so much for things between her and Edward Nigma being easy.

She just stands there for a few moments and watches him, not seeing a single bit of the Riddler in this person at all. But then, why is she even looking for it? It's not like they have anything that's reparable after their conversation at Makeout Point. Things were laid out and lines were drawn. He walked away angry. And, honestly... that separation is better.

Still, she hangs behind a bit, trying to figure out why she feels as terrible as she does.]

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[He pours out the thick bag of cut grass into the garbage can, unperturbed and seemingly without a care in the world. It's only when he's on his way back that he notices Ema lingering around. And it's here that she should see something else that's wrong with this picture. When he sees her, his eyes light up and he gives her a wide, cheery grin.]

Hey there, neighbor! Sure is a fine day to be out and about, isn't it?

Phone; A

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So you investigate data, correct?

At that town, Deadman's Gulch before we were run out by that girl and that old man, I severed part of the horse's leg and put it in my trunk.

Would that be enough for any testing or use?

[ Nice of her to find someone so easily. Horray for Mayfield ]
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Wait, what about Deadman's Gulch? [Ema was away from the phones when Barbie invited them all there.]

I'm underinformed in that regard. Do you mind enlightening me?

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You don't know anything about the town itself, or the events that transpired? Very briefly:

Barbie told us to come over there as it was robot free. I heard things of notes, handwritten, but the town was completely deserted even though some beds were warm and it showed recent signs of life. A horse skeleton, completely skinned, was in the stable so I sliced off a leg.

Then, later that night, I heard something coming from the Saloon. All I saw was Barbie smiling as the old man sung, he was so horrible we were bleeding from our ears.

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am i late or am i late?

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[ With a gentle smile, Klavier has no objections to this plan whatsoever and quietly moves away from the door to let her inside. Though the briefcase gets a questioning look. ]

Fashionably late! It's fitting. ;)

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[Ema gives him a brief kiss once she's inside.]

The town's a wreck and the last time I saw you ended... badly.., but I was hoping we could have a nice night despite everything. Are you okay?

[She notices the look he gives the suitcase.]

Forensic evidence from the Post Office. Fingerprints and possible DNA samples, mostly. I was hoping you could hold onto it, since I'm sure Schuldig would just tamper with it if I left it in my house.

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[ ... Yes, he had rather hoped he could... forget the last time they saw each other, nrgh. ] Now that you are here, I feel better already. [ And with that, he returns the kiss. ]

Ah, did you discover anything of great interest in there? [ He'll hold onto it for now, perhaps putting it into a safer place later. ]

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