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~forty-five~ [Bombfield]

[Ema's been in Mayfield for well over a year now. She's seen some of the worst this place has had to offer. None of it has prepared her for this.

That doesn't give her the luxury of sitting around bemoaning her fate, however. Quite the contrary; she needs to act quickly in order to gather supplies before things get worse. After a few moments to pull herself together (and a much-needed scream of frustrated rage), she digs a large bag out of the wreckage and gets going.

A: In and around what remains of 1492 Kramden

Ema is checking on her family, making sure that everyone is alive, well, and accounted for. Schuldig and Misaka are capable and able to fend for themselves, but Ema still worries about them. As for Enigma, the girl isn't even eight years old. Until she finds Edward, her youngest not!daughter is not leaving her sight.

B: Hospital

Ema is looting the remains of the hospital for food (much of it is processed or meticulously preserved, making it ideal rations for a time like this), clean water, medical supplies, and possibly a means of self-defense.

C: Various places around town

Ema is searching for any and all people she knows and cares about. Be prepared for uncharacteristically tight hugs when she finds you.]

((ooc note: Ema will have Enigma with her until the two of them find Edward, at which point the girl will probably stay with him (since he's her Daddy and all). Anyone who tags is free to find Ema with or without Engima--just please let us know in the post!))

Without, B

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[And by now, the Doctor has finished his share of the looting in other rooms. He's carrying just about everything he can in his coat and medkit. As he's about to leave the hospital to search for other Kingdom members, he notices one of the nurses in another room.]

Any luck?

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Some. [Ema sighs wiping a bit of sweat from her brow with her wrist. Moving all the debris out of her way is backbreaking work.

She looks up from where she's crouched on the floor, noting the bulging pockets of his coat.]
You look like you've made out pretty well. It's good to see that some people are practical when faced with an emergency.

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In times like these, we all have to fend for ourselves anyway we can. Besides, once this town returns to normal, everything will be back the way it should be.

[He gives a smirk, but it's obvious that the man is also tired. If Ema looks carefully, she would see that he also seems a bit anxious. His hands are touching his pockets. There's no room for them to just slide in.]

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The way it should be is to let us all go home. This whole experiment of theirs is a cruel joke.

[Ema notes the way he touches his pockets.]

What did you manage to scavenge?

B., with or without, it's up to you guys!

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[Nina has a similar idea. She picks through the rubble of the hospital, piling as much as she can into a raggedy duffle bag she managed to find. It's good to see Ema again. When Nina sees her, she offers Ema a sad smile, happy to see the other woman is still alive after the first time they met at the Mayor's office.

She looks a little better now, but not much.]

Ema. You're still okay.

Just Ema :)

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Nina! [Ema gives a smile. She's physically exhausted from all the running around she's done, but a bit less tense after realizing that the people she cares about are all all right (for now).]

How'd the rest of your investigation go?


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[Luke seems to be running through the streets. Wherever he's going, he seems to be in kind of a hurry.]

Just Ema :)

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[Ema's taller, so she catches up to him fairly easily.] Luke, wait!

Where are you rushing off to like this?

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[Luke stops suddenly, almost tripping over the pile of rubble. He turns suddenly at the voice.]

Miss Ema...?

[He remembers meeting her when they cracked open the pod he was stuck in, but he still looks a little surprised to see her.]

Oh um...I was looking for someone.

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[Ema crouches next to him. She's still getting to know Edward's not!family, but she does know that Luke here means something to him.]

Who are you looking for? Edward?

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ooeeooahah: (Hm)

B - with

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Hey, Ema. Find anymore antibiotics? I think I found some unbroken iodine bottles.

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[Ema's search is going slowly while she's also keeping an eye on a (most likely miserable) seven-year-old, but she has managed to find some undamaged penicillin.]

Yeah, I've found some--it's in my bag. And the iodine will be a big help, too.

I'm hoping we won't need them, but... better safe than sorry. This will probably escalate.

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[Miserable indeed. Enigma's slightly behind Ema, nudging some of the rubble with her foot. She glances up at the other woman, then quickly away again. What is playing nice?]

There's nothing good here.
ooeeooahah: (Hm)

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[ Ilsa nods at Ema's assessment, then looks at the youngster. ]

Sometimes you have to adjust your criteria to "not as bad".

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C either or

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[Scout is up on a pile of debris, scanning the scenery when he spots Ema. He waves at her and starts making his way down.]

Ema! Geez am I ever glad ta see you!

Ema and Enigma! :)

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Scout! [Ema waves back, grinning.] Glad to see you in one piece! How's Ai?

[A pause, and then she turns to Enigma as Scout finishes his approach.] This is one of Daddy and my friends. His name's Scout--if you need anything that we can't do, he'll help you.

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[Enigma's been shuffling along closely behind Ema, and she peeks blearily around her. Scout gets a quick wave. If he's her daddy's friend, that means she'll like him.]

Hi. I'm Enigma.

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She's back at the "lair" 'r whatever those guys call it. She's okay.

Oh, this a friend from home? [Scout gives her a wave back.] 'Sup, squirt? You two oughta head over there too. This is only gonna get worse, ya know how Mayfield is.

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C - With

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[Question: Who, after hours of searching, has finally found the people he's looking for? Answer: Edward Nigma, of course. He's mildly injured from his fight with the Major, a thin knife slash along his cheek as well as one along his side, but aside from that, he's fine. Even more so, now that he's managed to find the answer to the primary question that's been on his mind all day: "Are they safe?"]

Ema. You're all right.

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[You are getting the tightest hug she has ever given you, Eddie. Despite being dirty and obviously tired from the walking/digging around, she's no worse for the wear.

She'll pester you about that cut later. For now, it's all relief.]

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[She doesn't even wait for Ema to move before she hurls herself foreword at Edward.] You're here!

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[It's a wonder Enigma wasn't able to knock him completely off-balance. He squeezes Ema tightly for a moment before focusing his attention on the little girl, giving her an awkward pat on the head.]

Neither of you have been hurt?

C, either way!

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[Funny you should be out looking for people, Ema. Because one large, alien robot has been looking for you.]

[He'll just pull right on over to the side of the road when he spots her, flashing his headlights.]

Just Ema :)

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[Sideswipe receives a relieved--if a bit tired--smile.]

I was worried about you, given what's happened to anything else resembling modern technology. Good to see you're still in working condition.

Yes ma'am!

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[He pops one of his doors open.]

I'm nothing like your modern tech. They took my weapon systems, though. But I'm still here.