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~thirty-six~ [event!]

[Ema's still shaking off death number four--probably the worst one yet, given that Klavier was right behind her when she took the bullet to her head and probably ended up with no small amount of her blood on him--but the town is spiraling into chaos and she feels like she needs to do something. If not because it's the Right Thing to Do, which is generally her modus operandi in dealing with these things but is becoming harder and harder to justify with no tangible results, then because it will give her a much-needed sense of organization and structure.

There's a battle going on in the Dairy. Ema's smart enough to stay away from it; she's no soldier and has no desire to die a second time. There will be plenty of others headed that way to investigate what's there. She'll leave that to people who can defend themselves better than she can.

The Post Office is open. To Ema, that seems like the far more obvious destination. With the Postman dead, it's possible that all of the weirdness died with him... but there might be traces. She'd be remiss to skip the opportunity.

So, to the phones she goes:]

I'm not going to the Dairy. I'll be more of a liability than any help to anyone investigating there. Those of you who are going: good luck.

I am, however, headed to the Post Office to investigate any traces of anything that the Postman might have left behind. Anyone who's able or willing to help me there, please meet me there. If we comb the place over scientifically, we might find something useful. And if we don't find anything... that's data, too.

Data is the best weapon we have. I plan on arming myself as much as I can with it.

[Filtered to Edward Nigma, if he's even near his phone.]

Obviously, we're not meeting today.

[Awkward pause.]

Try not to get yourself killed.

[Filtered to Klavier Gavin.]

I hope you're okay.

I love you, and after all of this is over we're locking ourselves in a room somewhere for awhile and not opening it for anyone.

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ETA: Log can be found here!


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[Nina wants to do something, but really, going to the dairy would just be stupid right now. Aside from pointlessly scaring two already very traumatized people, Nina's not under any delusions she's going to be able to fight a giant mecha.

The post office, though...maybe, just maybe, they'll find something.]

I'll come. I don't know if I can be much help, but I want to try. What time should we meet you there?

Re: [phone]

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I can teach you how to operate some of the forensics equipment I'll have there. Just the fact that you're willing is plenty of help already. Thank you.

[Ordinarily, she'd be all smiles and glee that she gets to teach someone science, but given the current circumstances her tone and demeanor remain grim.]

I'm headed there within the hour. Allowing time for me to regain my things and get set up, let's see meet me there in an hour and a half?


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Thanks. That's really nice of you.

[Nina tries to manage some levity in her voice, but like Ema, she can't really do it and it dies out halfway through. She is mostly just left with a sort of grim not-even-determination.]

Sounds good. I'll see you there.


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I'll see you soon.


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Probably a good use of your time. The dairy is a bloodbath.

I suppose I could accompany you; I have items of my own that I'd like to pick up. You would do well to properly utilize my brilliance while you have it.


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So I've heard.

[Something about his tone--stuck up, even now?!--causes her to bristle, but she swallows it down in interest of Getting Shit Done.]

Do you know how to use forensic science tools?


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[Probably a good decision; arguing with Dist is like a Möbius strip of frustration.]

It's not my specialty, but I can't imagine it will be difficult. The dairy is a dead end, but I know that if I were the postman and I defected I'd have left ample clues in my office. The key may yet be hidden there, and I'm interested in finding it.


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I can teach you how to use the instruments.

You and me both. There's another woman meeting me there in an hour and a half. Meet us then.


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I'll be there.

[Probably not drunk.]


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I'll see you there, then.

[If you show up drunk, she's throwing you out of the building and not letting you help. :| ]

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That's exactly right. This will probably be the only immediate opportunity to investigate that place. I'm not sure there'll be anything to experiment on, so I don't know if it will be 'scientific' as such--but it should be thorough.

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Of course it will be scientific. There's an entire branch of science dedicated to collecting information--and I'm familiar with it.

And don't worry, we'll be extremely thorough.

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[She elects not to argue semantics.]

I'll certainly be there.

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Thank you.


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I don't know how much help I'll be, but I'd like to join your investigation.


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I'm sure you'll be helpful. If you don't know how to use the instruments, I'll teach you.

Thank you.


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[Not much emotion enters his flat tone most of the time, unless he wants it to, but in this case the faint note of approval is real.]

It's a good idea. It was too chaotic, earlier, for any kind of effective investigation, but the rush should have died down by now. You'll have to take that into consideration: some of the possible evidence has probably been eroded by now.

One question, though--are you armed?


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Thank you. And I'm aware that some of the evidence is likely gone or contaminated by now, but it's better to investigate and see what we can find instead of just giving up on it.

I hope to be armed when I get there. Standard issue police pistol.
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Yes. I agree. Look for places that wouldn't have interested crowds much--lightbulbs, handles in the washroom, and so on.

What's standard for you? Semi-automatic, I hope. Someone will be able to cover you beforehand?


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9mm Glock. And... I have no idea if anyone who's meeting me there will be similarly armed. [She hadn't thought that far ahead, actually.]
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[He prefers his own Walther to the Glock, but either should be more than adequate for basic self-defense. Anyone on the receiving end of a rocket won't be able to help themselves with a bullet anyway; they will be better served by fast evasion. Although it probably won't work.

It would be easier, and safer, to let someone else investigate this. He doubts that anything anyone finds in the post office will be the key to freedom, although any clues acquired there might be useful and interesting. He certainly doesn't want to be set up as a guard for the rest of the group... in fact, it would be better if nobody knew he had the gun to begin with. All in all, it's been difficult for him to decide where to place his energies: he wants to be effective, but he also wants to live to get out of this place, and without his usual resources, the chances of that are much more slim than he likes.]

Maybe you can find out.

[It sounds more like a suggestion than a simple remark.]

Or--is anyone going who might usually have been armed before they were brought here?
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I'll do that before we get started.

[The suggestion is noted, but Ema doesn't go too far out of her way considering it. Appealing for a bodyguard would be ideal, but chances are that trying to do so would be a waste of time; the fighting types are swarming around the Dairy.]

I don't know, to be honest. Several of the volunteers are people I've never heard from before.
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[There's a pause, a space of dead air, before he says anything. If this were a social situation, it would be awkward.]

Hm. It's possible that you can't trust them. If you have the numbers, my advice is to divide them into teams: a person you know with a person you don't. It would make it more difficult for anyone to sabotage the investigation.


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I know. Trust me, I've learned what trusting the wrong person here can do. It's not ideal, but... it's all I have to work with.

I'll be doing all of the data analysis myself and I'm going to insist on several samples from everyone, myself included. That should minimize some of the effects of any potential sabotage, scientifically speaking.
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[This fact is noted and tucked away. He's curious about who the "wrong person" is, in this instance, but finding out is not urgent.]

Yes, that sounds like it should be effective--at least as much as we can hope for under the current circumstances. I'll be curious to hear about the results.

[It occurs to him that he can't just call his contacts and ask to have results sent to one of his drops--she is his contact, as much as he has one. It's one of the most intense frustrations of his current situation: rather than commanding any authority, he has to hope that people will cooperate with him for whatever reason they choose, and that those who don't want to cooperate won't actively attempt to thwart his inquiries. Still, she's seemed amenable to sharing information so far.]

Good luck.


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[Sharing information is what she's used to doing, luckily.] Once I analyze everything we find, I'll let you know what our conclusions end up being, if any.

Thank you.


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I suspect I'll be more useful there than at the dairy. I may even be able to provide additional equipment.


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If you could do that, that would be fantastic! We could use all the resources we can get our hands on.

Re: [phone]

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If what I've been hearing about the post office is correct, a lot of my analysis equipment from offworld sources should be there.


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Great! If you're willing to help out with the analysis using your equipment, I'd be really grateful.

[Beat. Wait.]

"Offworld sources"?

Re: [phone]

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I've had a lot of non-Earth technology come into my possession at home. It should prove useful.s


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That should be useful! [Plus, SCIENCE! Ema really wants to see this now.]

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I don't believe we've met, but...I'm very much inclined to agree. It sounds like a great idea.

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Thank you. I just hope we actually come out of it with something to show for the work we'll do.

I don't think we've met, either. I'm Ema Skye. You are...?

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I hope so as well. I honestly don't think I'd be of any help at the Dairy, either. I'm afraid my rifle is a bit outmatched by the flying lizards and tanks.

Bree Van de Kamp. It's a pleasure, considering the circumstances.

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I wish the circumstances were better.

[Wait a second, did she say rifle?]

Actually, could I ask you to help us? It'd be great to have someone stand guard while we conduct the investigation, just in case someone dangerous wanders over from the Dairy fight. I'll be armed, but I'll also be busy.

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[Bree's smile is practically audible. What a lovely idea.]

Of course, dear! I'd be honored to help. I'd hate for someone to get in the way of something so useful. I can't stop a tank, but I can shoot a car speaker twenty feet away in the dark when it's interrupting my dinner party.

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That's better than I can do! [Ema is, despite herself, similarly smiling. Assuming that this Bree woman isn't insane, she couldn't ask for a better bodyguard.

And if Bree is? Well, hopefully Ema's gun skills haven't gone rusty.]

Your help would be really appreciated. The investigation is slated to get started in about an hour or so. Meet us at the Post Office then?

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[Insane? Yes, at times, but right now isn't one of them, fortunately. And if Ema is impressed by the shooting, well, Bree will just have to introduce Ema to her wonderful chicken basquaise.]

It's all about practice. I'm sure you do just fine. And wonderful, I'll be there right on time. I'd hate to slow everyone down.

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[Mmm, chicken basquaise.]

I'll see you then.

Thank you, Bree.
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I have a background in...that kindof thing. [Well she's not just gonna out and say she's the adopted daughter of an international thief.] Would you like assistance?


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You do?

Then, please! Meet the team at the Post Office in about an hour.


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As you wish. I am Chizuko Mikamo, by the way.


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Ema Skye. Nice to meet you, and thanks.

See you soon.