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~thirty-four~ [backdated to over the weekend!]

[A nine-year-old girl with stick-straight brown hair is wandering around the town, calling out occasionally for someone named 'Lana.' She's obviously scared, being somewhere completely unfamiliar and separated from the only family she has left, but she's trying to be brave. As time goes on, however, panic becomes more and more obvious in her voice and in her movements.

It might be hard to pick her out without a lab coat, but the little girl is none other than Ema Skye. Feel free to approach her and help her out! Or make things worse, but you'd be a jerk if you did that.]

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[This little girl is only six. She'd been shy and scared and disoriented when she first woke up, but she's so far met a bunch of people that are actually pretty nice, so she doesn't mind approaching someone new. She even notes that the other girl is looking pretty upset, so she smiles kindly.]

Hi. Are you lost, too?

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[Ema blinks at the younger blonde. Slowly, she returns the smile; if a girl that young seems to be pretty calm about things, she should be calmer, too.]

Yeah. I just woke up here, I don't know how it happened. I'm looking for my sister; she'll know what to do. She always does.

[A pause.]

What's your name? Are you looking for someone, too?

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My name's Elizabeθ Buckley. What's yours?

[She fidgets nervously before continuing on.]

We all got stolen. We need to find a grown up.

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I'm Ema Skye. Nice to meet you.

We were kidnapped?! Why would anyone just take us like this?

Don't worry, Elizabeθ. My sister's 22 and one of the smartest people I know, she's plenty grown up enough to get us out of here.

[She puts her hands on her hips and puffs out her chest to express her determination.]

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Hey, uh... You okay there?

ngl, I laughed when I saw this tag. SO LONG AGO.

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I can't find my sister and I don't know where I am.

[Frown. Ignore the happy icon, it's the only one I have.]

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Well then, you don't gotta worry anymore, 'cause the great Ash Ketchum is here!

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Great Ash Ketchum?

What makes you so great? [Honest question.]

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[Have a blue-haired girl busting out of a bush melodramatically. Why is she in the bush? It may be better not to ask.]

Oh my! It seems we have another troubled child on our hands.

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[Ema jumps and yelps with surprise.] T-troubled child....? Another?

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That is what I said! Do not try to feign ignorance with a detective.

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I'm not! I would never lie to a detective!


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Hey, kiddo~ You okay? [Miakis kneels so that she's at eye level with this itty bitty Ema.] I don't know anyone named Lana, but I can help you look, if you want!

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[Ema lights up.] You will? Thank you so much!

Lana's my older sister. If we can find her, I know she'll know how to get home!

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Your big sister, huh? Does she look like you? [She stands and holds out her hand for Ema to hold. Aaaah so cuuuute...] I'm Miakis, by the way! What's your name~?

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Yeah, except she's older and prettier. She's 22 and might be in her police uniform.

[Ema hesitates but eventually takes Miakis' hand.] I'm Ema. My sister's name is Lana.

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[Why look Ema! It's a friendly neighborhood cop! He's enjoying some free coffee from the diner. Being a cop has its perks.]

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[Friendly neighborhood cops are always good to have around!]

Excuse me, officer?

[Have a little girl staring up at you with PROFOUND SERIOUSNESS, Scout!]

I can't find my sister and I don't know where I am.

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[He raises an eyebrow at you. Something so familiar here... but he's thinking you're a kid who just woke up here.]

Mayfield. I'm guessin' no one filled ya in yet?

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[This kid doesn't recognize her but is exploring!

Also, he's not used to scared kids. In fact, he isn't used to other kids. Someone never was put in school or daycare.

Mark, The Captain, will walk over and wave high in the air.]

"Hello, you lose someone too?"

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[Go skull yourself, bro. :|

Haha, just kidding. They're kids! And Ema is a relatively friendly one, so she'll wave back.]
Yeah, I lost my sister. Who'd you lose?

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"My best friend. His name is Special Bear."

[Yeah, The Captain didn't really have friends.]

"Maybe we could look together? This place isn't that big."

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[Nine-year-old Ema? Meet ten-year-old Edward. He's still on the trudge back home (so he thinks?) carrying his super-huge backpack. He looks a bit sad, too...]

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[Ema notices and gives him a smile.] Hi there! Are you okay?

[identity profile] 2011-01-19 02:24 am (UTC)(link) I look okay?

[He's a very sullen kid.]