glowing_skye: (blurry icon of bitty-ness)
Ema Skye ([personal profile] glowing_skye) wrote2011-01-18 03:00 pm
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~thirty-four~ [backdated to over the weekend!]

[A nine-year-old girl with stick-straight brown hair is wandering around the town, calling out occasionally for someone named 'Lana.' She's obviously scared, being somewhere completely unfamiliar and separated from the only family she has left, but she's trying to be brave. As time goes on, however, panic becomes more and more obvious in her voice and in her movements.

It might be hard to pick her out without a lab coat, but the little girl is none other than Ema Skye. Feel free to approach her and help her out! Or make things worse, but you'd be a jerk if you did that.]

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