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~forty-four~ [backdated to Shroomfield]

[A: In and around 1492 Kramden Road]

[Ema Skye is freaking out. Thanks to an ill-advised cafeteria meal at the hospital, she's hallucinating. As far as she's concerned, she's fourteen years old again (while simultaneously twenty-five), reliving one of the worst nights of her life. She's trapped in a darkened office with no source of light except for the occasional flash of lightning.

Joe Darke is coming after her.

Neil Marshall is coming to save her.

Neil Marshall is going to die, and it will be all her fault.

Sure, Damon Gant was the man who actually killed the prosecutor. But if he hadn't have come to her rescue, the opportunity would have never presented itself.

She can't handle this. So she can be found cowering, her arms over her head, waiting for history to repeat itself. Unless... maybe this time, Neil Marshall won't come to her rescue. Maybe this time, she's done for.

Either way, she waits.]

[B: Somewhere, sometime after A. Locked to [ profile] uranophobe and [ profile] puzzlerprince]

[Paging Dr. Jonathan Crane.

Your newest test subject is ready.]


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[It had been an... interesting day for Crane so far. What with the entire town thrown into a state of chaos and fear, the source of his uncharacteristic good humor is obvious. He'd whistle, if he were the type to do such a thing.

He's walking through the hospital when he hears strange, but very familiar, sounds coming from, of all places, a janitor's supply closet. Grinning slightly, he opens the door.]


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[Oh shit, it's Joe Darke. He's found her and now that she's seen him, he's going to murder her like he did all those other witnesses. She is going to die.

Ema does the only logical thing she can do.

She screams as she scrambles backward, trying to distance herself from him.]

G-get away!

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[He recognizes her, the little scientist girl who was rather close with Edward. It seems that she's been afflicted by whatever it is has taken over the town... A part of him is disappointed to be missing out on such fun, but it isn't as if this isn't enjoyable in and of itself.

WELL, what fun is a hallucination if one can't help it along a bit? He steps forward into the closet.]
Did you really think you could hide forever?

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[Ema's back quickly hits the wall behind her--it's not like supply closets are especially deep. He has her cornered, and Prosecutor Marshall is nowhere in sight. Does... does this mean she's on her own?

A crack of thunder. A flash of lightning. Instinctively, she winces.

No no no no no no no she's not fourteen anymore she's an adult she can defend herself dammit

Desperate, she reaches for a letter opener and holds it out to defend herself. To Crane, this weapon looks suspiciously like a flashlight.]

I said get away!

[She's trying to push through her fear, but the way she trembles makes it obvious.]

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[He's curious about her delusion: What is she seeing, who is she seeing, what does she think she's really holding in her hand? But, as long as he's uncertain about the chemical makeup of the hallucinogen, he can't risk the direct questioning he uses for those under his own toxin. He'll have to play along the best he can, if he wants to get any real analysis out of this.]

Now, what do you think you're going to do with that? [He takes another step closer.] It won't save you now.

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[Question: In a town consumed by terror, who’s the one man with absolutely nothing to fear? Answer: One Jonathan Crane, of course.

After all, he’s the one behind all of this. He has to be. It only makes sense. Based on what he’d learned from Dist, Crane had been up to his old tricks once more. He’d mixed enough fear toxin to send Dist into a world of nightmares. But Edward shouldn’t have been this surprised when the rest of Mayfield began suffering from strange delusions and hallucinations.

Which is why the Riddler finds himself marching into the hospital right about now, cane in hand. Enough is enough, he’s decided. This isn’t how his Legion was meant to operate. Not with attacks against their fellow prisoners as opposed to the drones. Not with secret little projects like this, carried out behind Edward’s back and causing too much unnecessary damage. Bringing harm to the people he…

Suddenly, a shriek. An all-too-familiar shriek.

No. Not her.

His casual stride morphs into a sprint as he rushes into the next corridor, trying to track Ema’s voice. And it doesn’t take long for him to find her, cowering in the back of a utility closet, with Crane slowly advancing on her. His fingers tightly clench the cane, knuckles growing white as his vision turns red.

That bastard.]

Question: What the hell do you think you’re doing, Scarecrow?

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[He's been expecting Edward to show up, of course, and isn't too terribly surprised at the fury in the man's voice. It's a rather compromising position to be in; he realizes this.

He turns towards Edward and shrugs, holding up his empty hands.]


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[For her part, Ema's gaze moves between the two men. For a brief second, she looks almost relieved.

Help has arrived.

But then... she knows how this ends. The relief is soon eclipsed by sheer horror.]

Prosecutor Marshall, be careful! He has a knife!

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[Prosecutor Marshall? Ema... doesn't recognize him. She must be hallucinating as well.

And now he's the one advancing slowly towards Crane. He may not have any needles in his hands, but Edward knows there's additional methods for him to get his fear toxin out there.]

Bullshit. Do you really consider me that much of a fool, Jonathan? After all these years, you think I wouldn't be able to recognize your handiwork when I see it?

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If I were responsible for whatever is happening here, don't you think I'd want credit for it? This entire town is in the grip of their greatest nightmares, gone absolutely mad with fear... and I wasn't even remotely involved. [He sounds rather put out by it. Still, he stands his ground, watching Edward with a blank expression. Ema is almost entirely forgotten.] I ran out of toxin weeks ago, Nigma. I couldn't pull off something on this large a scale if I tried.
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[They're fighting.

Joe Darke has that knife and... Prosecutor Marshall is more than likely unarmed. He's a man of the courts, not a policeman; he doesn't have a standard issue.

There's another flash of lightning. A familiar scene.

She has to do something.

And so, despite being over a decade older and having a great deal more sense, Ema goes for the same tactic that she used back when all of this was real--she charges Darke. For whatever reason, the fact that it backfired horribly the last time doesn't occur to her.]

Don't you dare hurt him!

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[He's out of toxin? Could Edward have been wrong...? No. It has to be a lie. And even if he was telling the truth, it doesn't excuse him from taking the time to torture his girlfriend.

His girlfriend who has jumped to her feet and is in the process of charging Crane right now.]

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He was not expecting this turn of events. Nor was he expecting to land face-first onto the floor without the direct involvement of Edward's fist-- it's probably for the best, something to do with feminism or things of that nature. Still, at this point in time, he only has a couple of bruises, which is doing very well for him. He ought to cut his losses and get the fuck out of there as soon as humanly possible.

It's just, there's a person on top of him. That definitely needs to be taken care of.]

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[Good, he's knocked out. Ema begins to pick herself up and off of him, although she quickly freezes when she realizes something. Horror strikes her hard, like a knife to the stomach.

Oh... oh god.

This isn't Joe Darke. It's Prosecutor Marshall. She attacked the wrong one.

There's a lot of blood. He's dead. Did... did she...?

Horrified, she scrambles off of the man's corpse and takes several steps backward. There's a scream threatening to rise out of her chest, but she bites her bottom lip (hard) to keep it from coming out. Her sister will hear. Even in self-defense, Ema's guilty. There is no forgiveness for this.]

N-no... I didn't mean to...

[Unsuccessfully, Ema tries to collect herself. However, panic and horror and guilt all overwhelm her; she hyperventilates herself right into a faint. At least this time, she lands next to Crane instead of on top of him.]


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[Almost immediately, Edward drops his cane to the ground and sinks to his knees, hands taking hold of Ema's shoulders and shaking her in panic. Fear toxin doesn't just terrify its victims---in many cases, it could serve to be fatal.]

Ema. Ema! [Thankfully, she's merely unconscious. Nothing more. There's a small sigh of relief, though he tries his best to conceal it, before he gently lowers her back to the ground.]

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[But does any of this let Crane off the hook? Hell no. Regardless of whether or not he struck at the town, he still took advantage of her. Still used Ema's fears against her.

So Edward takes hold of his cane once more, rising to his feet and stomping down hard on Crane's back to keep him pinned.]
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[Well, that was one of his ribs. That's fun. He struggles to push himself for a bit before giving up, settling for glaring at Edward impotently.] Let me go, you idiot!

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I haven't even done anything! [That you know about! Hopefully!]

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[You'll forgive his skepticism, Crane, as he twists his heel sharply into you, allowing the pain to dig a little deeper.]

I find that rather hard to believe.

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I'm not asking you to believe me! I'm telling you to take your goddamn foot off of me. [He almost wishes he had been the one to inflict the girl; at least then this overreaction-- for that is what Crane sees it as-- would be somewhat justified.]

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[Good thing you didn't bother saying that aloud, Crane. That wouldn't exactly do you any favors in the Riddler's eyes. Not that you're giving him much of a reason to believe you in the first place.]

So you don't expect me to believe you, Jon. That you ran out of toxin weeks ago? That you're completely blameless for what's happened here?

[There's a beat as Eddie glares down at the older man, eyes narrowed into slits. Then, finally, he lifts up his foot...]

If you only had a brain.

[...and swings it back down. Have another swift kick to the ribs, Scarecrow.]

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[This is pathetic, is Crane's first thought as he hears the foot collide with his body, tastes the blood in the back of his mouth. He hadn't even done anything, or at least nothing of particular significance. And now he was getting the shit kicked out of him by someone who, at the best of times, he considered an ally and, at the worst of times, he considered a friend, and for what? For taking a few liberties, nothing even too important. He didn't understand. He didn't understand what the hell Edward thought he was doing.]

I d.... I don't, but that doesn't make it any less true. I've run out, ran out weeks ago, and there won't be any more for a while. I'm not responsible for any of this. Unfortunately.

[He turns his head and spits pink onto the floor next to Eddie's shoes.] When I do bring this town to its knees, you'll damn well know it's me.

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[Edward takes another step back when Crane spits at his feet, winds himself up to deliver another kick to his side, but catches himself before doing so. Between what happened with Dist at the bunker in September and what's happening with Crane right now? There's a chance that this is going to get even more violent. To say nothing of the rest of Eddie's questionable talents, the man's at least skilled enough to recognize a dangerous pattern when he sees it.

He steps back once more, taking a moment to adjust his hat, and glaring down at him. There's venom in his voice.]

Get out of here. Now.

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[He stands rather shakily, trying to mask his pain by glaring daggers at Edward.]

You really have changed. [With that, he leaves.]

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[In the wake of the heavy silence that follows Crane's exit, Ema stirs.]


[She blinks up at Edward, this time recognizing all the green for what it is.]


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[...Crane's right. He really has changed, hasn't he? He's removed from his thoughts, though, the moment he hears Ema's voice.]

Ema. [Setting the cane down once more, Edward's back on his knees, moving to assist her into a sitting position] Are you all right?

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[For whatever reason, Ema's continuing hallucinations no longer include Edward--she sees him as he is and perceives his actions as he performs them. That doesn't, however, stop Ema from her panic.]

I-I killed someone... he was trying to help me and I killed him. And Joe Darke's still out there, he might come back to finish what he started. And I can barely see in the dark and the storm won't stop...

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[It isn't something that's been brought up in a long time, and even then, Edward still doesn't know too many of the specifics. But he recalls hearing of an encounter with a serial murderer during a blackout... She must have relived that night only moments ago. No. She's still reliving it. But this time, she recognizes Edward for who he is.]

He won't be coming back. I'm sure of it.
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[Ema hears another clap of thunder and reaches out for him, grabbing the fabric of his sportcoat while she buries her face into his shoulder.]

If he finds us, h-he'll kill you... and me...

[She's just shy of sobbing in hysterics.]

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[He wasn't quite expecting her to latch onto him. But he wraps his arms around her, allowing her to burrow into him and kissing her atop her head.]

He isn't going to find us. And I won't let him kill you.

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I don't want you to die defending me...

[She's still crying, albeit less wildly. His comfort is having an effect.]

I... Prosecutor Marshall is dead because of me...

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[He continues to try and calm her down, lightly rubbing her back.]

What happened to him wasn't your fault. You know that.

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But it was.

[She cries louder. So much for being mollified.]

Y-you can see the blood, can't you? It's everywhere...

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[Saying he can't see it probably isn't going to do much to appease her. But he can't say he does. So he'll settle for the most neutral route, holding her closer and continuing to try and pacify her.]

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[Ema continues to babble quietly, occasionally crying and occasionally trying to pull herself together. Eventually, she exhausts herself (and the end of the mushroom's effects) and begins to nod off.]

mm, thank you...

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Of course.

[Fair is fair. She's practically done the same for him, if not more.]

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[She finally pulls back, wiping at the tears in her eyes before looking up at him. Her expression seems more focused, more lucid and aware.]

Walk me home?

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If you like.

[He takes his cane, rising to his feet and helping Ema stand along with him.]

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[Ema's able to stand on her own, but she's incredibly lethargic. It's been a very long day.

Once they're both on their feet, she looks around. The darkness, the blood, the thunderstorm... they're all gone. With a heavy sigh, she rests her head on his shoulder.]

I hate this town.

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Don't we all.

[He guides her out of the utility closet.]


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[Well. This is new. Ema still isn't exactly Enigma's favorite person, but when Enigma finds Ema cowering, a mix of concern and curiosity (mostly the later) makes her stop, and lean over the woman.]

What are you doing?

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[Ema squints at the girl. Is... is that her? It must be.

It totally makes sense that Ema's interacting with a younger version of herself.]


A-are you okay...? How old are you?

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Seven and a half. Who are you hiding from? [She goes ahead and takes a seat on the floor next to Ema.]

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Her parents died when she was that age.

Without even thinking about it, Ema tries to pull the girl close.]

I think... someone's coming who will hurt us. But I'll keep you safe.

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[That's a little weird, but Enigma doesn't struggle against her at all when she pulls her close.]

No one would hurt us! Daddy won't let anything happen to me. [A pause.] ... Or you, I guess.