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~forty-three~ [PODFIELD]

A [Action]:

[Ema Skye is not usually a happy person. The fact that she seems to be one today should be a clue that something is amiss. When weird things happen in Mayfield, Ema usually goes into a foul mood and either sulks or mobilizes to take action.

Today, she's doing neither. She's simply sitting in the park, munching on some treats she bought at the grocery store and watching people go by. If any of them are paying attention, she's making catty comments to herself as she takes notes on what she sees. Science at its finest.]

B [Action 2: Electric Boogaloo, Locked to [ profile] puzzlerprince]:

[The real Ema Skye is in a pod just outside of the hospital. Someone was body-snatched on her way to work this morning.]

C [More Action!]:

[Post-rescue (and post-rescuing other people), Ema's just wandering around town trying to take all of the details in. Not knowing what else to do with herself, she's decided to fall back on familiar habits--i.e., investigation. She has her notepad in her hands and is furiously scribbling down all of her observations.

Unlike the pod version of her, she's actually taking notes on things that are relevant to the events at hand.]

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[Ema sighs deeply.]

Nothing besides a detailed recording of the obvious. Which has merit, but doesn't answer any questions I have about these things.



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[A voice calls from somewhere behind her.]


[Normally Nina wouldn't interrupt someone occupied that way, but she wants to make sure that this is really her friend and not yet another weird duplicate.]

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[Ema jumps in surprise, nearly dropping her pen and pad.]


[She turns.]

You are Nina, right? Not one of these... pod-people...?

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[It is Ema! The real Ema. Relief floods through Nina.]

Yes! Yes, it's me. And you're you! I'm so happy.

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[Ema releases a breath she hadn't even realized she was holding.]

That's a relief. I had a doppelganger earlier, but she's... been taken care of.

How about you? Did you end up in a pod?


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[ Goodness gracious, that's a lot of snacks! Yukiko's been wandering a bit today, still too new to fully appreciate what's going on, and can't help but side-eye Ema while she chows down all that chocolate. ]

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[Have a smile, Yukiko.]

Is there something I can help you with? It's not polite to stare, you know.

[Nor is it polite to so obviously take notes on someone else, but she does it anyway.]

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[ sdfbnsdgsdg so rude. She blinks, taken aback! ]

Ah-- sorry! I didn't mean to.

I'm so sorry it took me forever to tag back! ^^()

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Of course you didn't mean to, but you did. Young ladies like you should have better manners.

That's okay! Take your time.

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W-well, that's true, but...

[ Yeah, she's got nothing. Yukiko just bows her head a bit in apology! ]

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Well, it seems like you've learned your lesson.

[Munch munch munch.]

I'd offer you some, but it doesn't look like you need any.

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[ sdfjkbsasdg noooo

her dieting was for nothing ]


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You're a little... round.

((oh god I feel like a terrible person I'm so sorry for doing this to her))
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[ You can practically hear her ego breaking, Ema. She lays a hand on her stomach, eyes shining with hurt. Noooo...nooooo! ]

You can't be serious...

( ooc: NO REGRETS it's hilarious )

The Dubba-Dubba-Dubble-You B

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[It didn't take Edward very long to solve the riddle that Ema's doppelganger had offered him---wow, what a weird role reversal---and soon enough his search has brought him to the hospital. This is it. This has to be. So where...?

Oh. Oh dear. It looks like Ema's trapped inside that thing, just like he was. He immediately sets to work, using the bottom of his cane to poke a small hole into the pod. He then reachesinto the goo, grabs her by the hand, and pulls her out. She should be safe now, right?]

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[Ema stumbles out of the pod, barely conscious but quickly waking up. The only thing stops her from succumbing to inertia and falling on her face is the fact that she collides with Edward and, out of instinct, latches on.]

W-what happened...?

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[Agggh goo on his suit. But hey, Ema's awake!]

At some point after that strange broadcast last night, many of us were abducted, placed inside of these pods, and replaced by a cadre of devious doppelgangers. They're all over town. [He moves a gloved hand to wipe some of the goo off her face.] Are you all right?

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[Get over it, Edward.]

Y-yeah. [She looks around.] I'm not hurt, just... really confused. I don't remember anything, just walking to work and then you pulling me out of that thing just now.

I need a shower.

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[He nods.]

Let's get going, then.

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[She detaches herself from him.]

Thanks for the rescue.