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[On Christmas morning, Ema finds a bag of Snackoos, a picture of her family, and a note under the tree. Idly munching the treats--thank you, Santa!--Ema reads the note and considers, finally deciding to give it a shot. She doesn't expect the cheesy 'close your eyes and believe in the heart of the cards spirit of Christmas!' tactic to amount to anything, honestly, but for some reason she's compelled to try it anyway. It can't hurt, right?

Oh, yes. Yes, it can.

For as long as Ema's able to hold the illusion, it's wonderful. She's home with Klavier, her friends--even those she'd made in Mayfield, somehow--her sister, even her parents! She's successful and doing the science she's always dreamed of. She's warm, safe, happy--happier than she's been in ages. It's as if the terrible things in her life have never even happened. Her parents are alive, Joe Darke and Damon Gant never ruined Ema and Lana's lives when she was fourteen, Mayfield isn't even a factor....

And then some snow falls from the roof outside, making a great deal of noise and spooking Ema into opening her eyes. The illusion is broken and everything is lost.

After a few moments of honest disorientation as she realizes what has just happened, Ema throws the Snackoos and the photo across the room with a loud scream of rage before breaking down into sobs.]

((Thanks to the Christmas event, Ema did not start her Christmas in a very merry way. Her mood will improve over the course of the day as she slowly gets over the emotional bitchslap, though. Feel free to tag into one of the following:

a. Housemates or holiday visitors are welcome to find Ema sitting on the floor in tears.

b. After Ema's cried it out a bit, she's going to go outside and walk around, getting some air before headed to Klavier's for the night. She's still upset, but god dammit she is going to have a nice Christmas or heads will roll, so she's trying to calm herself down.

c. Hi, Klavier, Merry Christmas! Have an Ema! Her eyes and nose are still swollen and a bit red, but she's putting on a smile and is coming over for Christmas as planned! Plus she has food and a present for you. Even if they can't have the perfect Christmas she imagined when Santa tricked her into believing that something like that could magically happen, that's no reason not to have a good holiday with what they have. Right?

Also, replies will be slow. Holiday and all. :) ))
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[Ema's finally feeling better!

Too bad she's too angry at the universe to really appreciate that fact. After being terrorized by Schuldig* and receiving a peice of leather with her handprint on it, Ema is not in a good mood.

Judging from her tone, it's incredibly obvious.]

Investigation people? What's our status?

[Filtered to Klavier]

Is it okay if I come over for awhile? Otherwise I might end up punching a certain redhead in the face. [And he would probably snap her neck, so that's something to be avoided.]

* ((Trigger warning for abusive relationships. It veers really close.))


Nov. 18th, 2010 08:23 pm
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[Ema has been putting this off long enough. It's time for another installment of Awkward Conversations You Never Want to Have With Your Boyfriend!

Today's episode: Spicy Tasting Candy Corn Made Me a Bit Easy, Oops.

As such, she'll be calling Klavier on the phone first to make sure he's available and willing to talk to her.]

[Filtered SO HARD to Klavier.]

Hey there. You free this afternoon?
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[Ema died again.

This time, it was thanks to one of the Medic Zombie Twins feasting on her brains. After she hit on/made out with a bunch of people she probably shouldn't have hit on/made out with. Needless to say, Ema wakes up not only shaken from dying again in a short period of time, but also embarrassed and extremely irritated about everything that happened yesterday.

To the phones! Her tone is cranky, but those who know her well enough will probably be able to discern a great deal of discomfort directly behind it.]

I hope everyone's figured this out by now, but don't eat the damn candy. Throw it out, set it on fire, drown it in a toxic chemical--whatever it takes to keep you from trying one. I know it's tempting, but it's not worth it.

[Awkward pause.]

To anyone I talked to while I was... affected... I'm not usually like that. And I'm not interested except in exactly one of you. [Hi Klavier! ♥] So don't get any ideas.

[Another pause.]

Also, look out for zombies. They won't hesitate to kill you.

If you need me, I'll be taking a shower. A long one. No one else is invited.

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[In which Ema helps herself to a piece of cinnamon candy and comes home from work with a much sexier uniform than what she left in.

And since this sexy nurse is feeling a bit... restless, she's going to wander the town in search of someone something interesting to do.

Have at her, gentlemen. ;) ]

[ETA: So, sexy nurse!Ema ends her day by being devoured by a zombie!Medic. Feel free to catch up with her beforehand or, alternatively, find her messy corpse in the middle of the street.]

((ooc: Because really, what is a slowatus? >> MAYFIELD, I WISH I COULD QUIT YOU.))
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[Filtered to Klavier.]

Klavier? Please tell me you got through everything in one piece.

[A long pause.]

I hate this place.
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[Ema died.

It was a horror of fire and destruction as the hazmat-suited men tore through the house, setting things aflame and cutting down anyone who got too close. Ema made it a point to put herself between the hazmats and the children of the home--Crowe and Ash especially--but all that earned her was an ax to the point where her neck meets her shoulder, followed quickly with being set on fire. Her death was not immediate and in the end it was rather futile; everyone else died, too.

It is with this memory fresh in her mind that Ema wakes up the following morning, face-to-face with Schuldig. Someone else is asleep in the bed behind her.

Acting entirely on instinct, Ema screams.]

((ooc: Ema will be hitting the phones later, but for now she has to deal with the fact that her home is currently filled with the Schuldig's peeps. LUCKY HER.))
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[The call comes from 1247 Williams Road.

No filters. What's the point in it?]

Klavier? Scout? Everyone?

Please tell me you're all right.

I'm fine; I'm at 1247 Williams Road and probably will remain here for the foreseeable future... I came over earlier to help a friend with a project that might help protect innocents.

It's not necessarily safe inside, but it seems safer than going outside or being at home.

Stay safe, all of you.
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[Filtered SO HARD to Ken Hidaka.]

You didn't warn me about the Berserker.

[He can probably tell by the tone of her voice that she's on the verge of a panic attack or something similar to it. No wonder.]

~ ~ ~

[And after that conversation's over, Ema's off to freak out at her boyfriend. Hope you're feeling up to calming her down, Klavier!]

~ ~ ~

[And after that, Ema's back home the following morning to bitch at Schuldig about it/pack some belongings for her next round of I-hate-sleeping-at-home housecalls.]
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[Filtered from Drones, Smiths, Grady, the Milkman, the Post Office.]

Did anyone actually manage to get a word in with Sergei Smirnov? He grabbed my arm while I was walking down the street last night, but he vanished before I could even react to him.

And filter your damn replies. I feel like this goes without saying, but just... double check, okay? I don't like this at all.

Also, Schuldig's droned... it's kind of creepy, to be honest.

[This is mostly a placeholder, since I'm off to pass out after a long day. I'll tag back tomorrow evening! ♥ NOW. Sorry about the long wait; RL happened. orz ]
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[So the investigation at the Smith house was a bust. Honestly, Ema's lucky to have gotten out of there injury-and-death-free.

She's more than a little frustrated with the time wasted, but no matter. She has a Major General to talk to.]

[Filtered to Olivier Armstrong.]

I hope you found more information the other night at the party than I did; I've learned more from listening on the phones than I did tearing their house apart. You weren't hurt or anything, were you?

In any case, this is me officially offering myself to your service. Just let me know what you need me to look into.
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[Filtered to Klavier and Apollo even though the latter's been permadroned.]

We're going to that "night of fun" at the Smiths.

[Judging from her tone, this is not a question.]

[Action! Ema needs to ask her not!husband a favor, even though she might regret it for all eternity...]

Schuldig, you wouldn't happen to have that gun anymore, would you? [It's not her preferred line of defense, nor is Schuldig her preferred method of procuring a weapon, but... going in unarmed just seems foolhardy, and a firearm would work better than a spray bottle of bleach.]

((ooc: Bringing Ema out of hiatus because this event is a can't-miss opportunity for her interests! :D ))
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[Ema was hung over as hell the day after the Louvre Hotel event, and not without good reason. She's getting too old for that kind of drinking; four shots of tequila in rapid succession was perhaps not the wisest decision she's ever made. Still, it was totally worth it, even with the day-long headache and the vomiting that followed. The time alone with her boyfriend was very nice indeed.

Even now, she can't help but smile as she remembers it.

It's now Monday, and Ema has a package in the mail! Inside the box is the one thing that can make an already wonderful weekend even better: a bag of Snackoos. How she's missed them these past four months. Their delicious crunch, their sugary taste... she's salivating just thinking about them. Her initial instinct is to dig right in and eat the whole bag, but she hesitates. No, this bag needs to be savored, truly enjoyed. She'll just have a few, then hide the bag and go back to it once in awhile when she's really craving one. At first, she does exactly that, but then something occurs to her.

She lives with a psychic. More specifically, she lives with a psychic who's enough of an asshole to take her beloved snacks and either help himself or, worse, tamper with or destroy them somehow. She can't have that happen, so back to the original plan it is. She figures she should probably be annoyed, but she's just pleased that she has an excuse to binge like she is accustomed to doing.

Feel free to find Ema sitting on her front porch, munching happily on her regain. No, you can't have any.]
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You awaken in a hotel.

It's a classy hotel. The sheets on the vibrating bed are satin, and an almost inviting shade of red. There is a small table at the side of the room, atop which a single flickering candle illuminates the room. Your meal has been prepared on gleaming marble plates, and there are two chairs seated at the table.

The door, should you care to test it, is locked. The walls, should you care to test them, are unbreakable. The meal, should you care to test it, is delicious. Your wardrobe appears to have been misplaced: men will find themselves wearing a tuxedo and clip-on bow tie, while women have found themselves wearing an extremely clingy dress or racy lingerie. You appear to be clutching a bouquet of roses.

There is a mini-bar. It is extremely well-stocked.

It dawns on you as you look around the room that this is, without a shadow of doubt, a hotel for lovers. A Lover's Hotel, if you will.

It also dawns on you that you are not alone.

[Ema wakes up sprawled across the bed wearing less than she's usually comfortable with. The room is equally unfamiliar, although it's quite intimate in its design. It's obviously a hotel room, and Ema groans softly. Looks like they didn't even get a choice about the discount weekend; they were spending time at the Louvre Hotel whether they wanted to or not.

It occurs to Ema that she's not alone--someone's in the bed with her. She rolls over to see who it is and breaths a sigh of relief. Her bedmate is Klavier. Even though she has no idea where she is, at least she's with someone she cares about and not some stranger... or, worse, Schuldig.

Gently, she gives him a shake.]

You awake?


Aug. 28th, 2010 03:53 pm
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[Filtered to Klavier Gavin and Maes Hughes.]

So it seems like someone's starting a book club for real.

Should we continue with our plan as-is, or do we need to come up with a different kind of club?
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[Ema wakes up in her bedroom, which is the first indication that something's Not Right. She hasn't spent the night in this room since Schuldig arrived, and she certainly doesn't remember going to sleep in it. As a matter of fact, she struggles to remember where she fell asleep last night, which is indication number two.

Scrambling out of her bed, Ema has to dig through her dresser to find her lab coat, which was laundered and impeccably folded at some point before being placed in the bottommost drawer. Indication number three.

A sense of dread fills her as she checks the date, which confirms her fears. It is the morning of Tuesday, August 17th. The last date she remembers is August 6th, eleven days ago. Ema Skye has just come out of an extended droning.

After a scream of utter frustration, she takes to the phones.]

What have I missed?

((Guess who's back? :D Housemates are welcome to find a very distressed Ema, everyone else is welcome to greet her and explain the wonders of the new post office!))
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[Ema's fake husband killed a man and cut him to pieces in their garage. Obviously, Ema did not know about this as it happened.

When Ema goes into the garage the following morning, there are indications that something is amiss. The stench is the first thing that hits her; she has to cover her face with her sleeve in order to continue into the garage. There are widely distributed spots of something dried and dark on the floor that look suspiciously like dried blood. She runs back inside and grabs her luminol to test one of the spots and make sure--the test comes out positive.


Time to go ask fake husband what the hell happened in there last night.]

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[After a terrible first impression of her new fake husband, Ema gathers some belongings and immediately marches off to sit on Sniper's roof and take refuge there for awhile before continuing on to Klavier's place for the night. Based on her first interaction with him, Ema refuses to share a house with this Schuldig person, much less a bedroom. She'd rather be droned first.

At Sniper's house, she's greeted to a creepily cheery Sniper drone--still--whose hospitality she completely rebuffs. Further infuriated, she continues on to her second destination.

The familiarity of this march doesn't escape her--it's very familiar to what happened after she was struck by her drone husband two months ago. At least the drone didn't hold the potential of continued aggression and, worse, an eventual psychic ability. After the initial lashing out, the drone had been on his best behavior, possibly because of the harm he came to as a result... although Ema doubts it. She theorizes that the slap had been a glitch in the droning more than anything else, since drones are generally nonaggressive. Schuldig, on the other hand, is openly cruel. She already misses the drone.

Feel free to approach the scientist with the bruising around her throat (or in Klavier's case, have a pissed-off girlfriend banging on your door.)]

((ooc: And please forgive the spam. Multiple plots hit at the same time. ^^() ))
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[Filtered to Maes Hughes and Klavier Gavin.]

Mr. Hughes? Klavier and I have an idea, whenever you're ready to go forward with the Smith infiltration.

Also, have you talked to a man named Cynric? He has--or had--a very interesting article that I'm sure you'd like to see.

[Filtered from drones/Mayor/Grady/milkman/your mom]

Now that we're a week out from our glorious week of hell, how is everyone doing? Does anyone still need anything?
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[Ema wakes up in Mayfield. Color is back in the world, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and her drone husband seems much less severe, even kissing her forehead as he leaves for work. Life is back to normal, or at least as close to normal as possible in this place.

Or so Ema thinks. After checking in on the phones, Ema goes about her morning and realizes that things in Mayfield aren't exactly as good as she'd hoped. Over the course of the day, she will be doing the following:

1. Checking on her not!children Touma and Misaka to make sure they're all right after Soviet Mayfield. She doesn't interact with them all that much, but that doesn't mean she doesn't care about their well-being.

2. Going to find Sniper so she can sit on his roof and get a feel for the situation with him. Unfortunately, she's greeted by an obviously droned Sniper, a fact that unnerves her more than a little. She hopes that this is a temporary droning, although the sinking feeling in her stomach suggests otherwise.

3. Banging on Klavier's door. She wants to see if he's all right/intact/un-droned. She also wants someone to commiserate with and to help her feel better, although she won't directly admit it.]

((Open to people who aren't Touma, Misaka, and Klavier--feel free to approach Ema on the street as she's moving from place to place~ :) ))
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