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Dec. 31st, 2024 12:00 am
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Exactly what it says on the tin.

Anonymous commenting is on.

IP logging is off.
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[Since Ema survived the night--even if one of her cabinmates did not--she has several people with whom she needs to meet. Ukraine, with her ability to see who is and who is not active at night, is one of those people. Despite the gory scene in the next room, Ema decides to conduct the meeting on her home turf.]

I appreciate you talking to me like this, Ukraine. Thank you for being willing to.

[She then glances at the other, unexpected guest.]

Ukraine invited you along?
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[This note precedes the notes she has been taking, which she has also handed over.]


I am so sorry that I need to trust you with this, but I'm not comfortable holding onto this data tonight. The hunters absolutely cannot get a hold of this--it's the one advantage we have. Keep it safe.

If I am dead tomorrow, I need you to talk to Ukraine. I've attached a note for her to this note here. Hopefully, she'll tell you about Ciel.

If Ciel's window is dark, trust her. She's cunning, and she's smart enough to help the prey win.

If Ciel's window is lit, she has been lying to us. Find out the truth.

With any luck, I'll see you in the morning.

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[After yesterday, Ema is in no mood to play around. She's up and moving early, hitting the streets in search of a green-clad Riddler and a blue-clad young puzzler. They need to talk in private. The announcement of their names at the end of the day (and the consequences therefrom) are a risk she's willing to take.

Once she's gathered the group, she leads them back to her cabin and into her room, where she locks the door and finally exhales freely.]

I think it goes without saying, but I hate this place. I'd take Mayfield over what's going on here.
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[Ema's been in Mayfield for well over a year now. She's seen some of the worst this place has had to offer. None of it has prepared her for this.

That doesn't give her the luxury of sitting around bemoaning her fate, however. Quite the contrary; she needs to act quickly in order to gather supplies before things get worse. After a few moments to pull herself together (and a much-needed scream of frustrated rage), she digs a large bag out of the wreckage and gets going.

A: In and around what remains of 1492 Kramden

Ema is checking on her family, making sure that everyone is alive, well, and accounted for. Schuldig and Misaka are capable and able to fend for themselves, but Ema still worries about them. As for Enigma, the girl isn't even eight years old. Until she finds Edward, her youngest not!daughter is not leaving her sight.

B: Hospital

Ema is looting the remains of the hospital for food (much of it is processed or meticulously preserved, making it ideal rations for a time like this), clean water, medical supplies, and possibly a means of self-defense.

C: Various places around town

Ema is searching for any and all people she knows and cares about. Be prepared for uncharacteristically tight hugs when she finds you.]

((ooc note: Ema will have Enigma with her until the two of them find Edward, at which point the girl will probably stay with him (since he's her Daddy and all). Anyone who tags is free to find Ema with or without Engima--just please let us know in the post!))
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[A: In and around 1492 Kramden Road]

[Ema Skye is freaking out. Thanks to an ill-advised cafeteria meal at the hospital, she's hallucinating. As far as she's concerned, she's fourteen years old again (while simultaneously twenty-five), reliving one of the worst nights of her life. She's trapped in a darkened office with no source of light except for the occasional flash of lightning.

Joe Darke is coming after her.

Neil Marshall is coming to save her.

Neil Marshall is going to die, and it will be all her fault.

Sure, Damon Gant was the man who actually killed the prosecutor. But if he hadn't have come to her rescue, the opportunity would have never presented itself.

She can't handle this. So she can be found cowering, her arms over her head, waiting for history to repeat itself. Unless... maybe this time, Neil Marshall won't come to her rescue. Maybe this time, she's done for.

Either way, she waits.]

[B: Somewhere, sometime after A. Locked to [ profile] uranophobe and [ profile] puzzlerprince]

[Paging Dr. Jonathan Crane.

Your newest test subject is ready.]
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A [Action]:

[Ema Skye is not usually a happy person. The fact that she seems to be one today should be a clue that something is amiss. When weird things happen in Mayfield, Ema usually goes into a foul mood and either sulks or mobilizes to take action.

Today, she's doing neither. She's simply sitting in the park, munching on some treats she bought at the grocery store and watching people go by. If any of them are paying attention, she's making catty comments to herself as she takes notes on what she sees. Science at its finest.]

B [Action 2: Electric Boogaloo, Locked to [ profile] puzzlerprince]:

[The real Ema Skye is in a pod just outside of the hospital. Someone was body-snatched on her way to work this morning.]

C [More Action!]:

[Post-rescue (and post-rescuing other people), Ema's just wandering around town trying to take all of the details in. Not knowing what else to do with herself, she's decided to fall back on familiar habits--i.e., investigation. She has her notepad in her hands and is furiously scribbling down all of her observations.

Unlike the pod version of her, she's actually taking notes on things that are relevant to the events at hand.]
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[It takes Ema a few moments to sort through the disorientation that comes with waking up in an unfamiliar place. Once she pulls herself together, however, she realizes that it's not really all that unfamiliar--she's in the Louvre Hotel. Last summer, she had been trapped her with Klavier, leading to one of the best nights she's had since arriving in Mayfield. Back in better times with him, before tensions and the subsequent droning. She feels a bit of a sting, both from the memory and from the realization that time is still flying by. She's been here too long.

This year, Ema's bedmate is none other than her assigned husband, Schuldig. In all honesty, she's not sure if this is to her benefit or her detriment; she's not sure she's up to spending a night here with Edward with memories of Klavier coming back into focus. At least with Schuldig, she doesn't have to make any choices that can lead to bruised egos and a needless sense of competitive jealousy. On the other hand, she does need to worry about having her brain picked apart. Why would the setting and the situation change Schuldig's M.O. any, especially when there are several new (and questionable) developments in her personal life to dig into? If anything, the extended period of time in which they'll be trapped will probably encourage it, since there's nothing better for them to do.

And, to make things even more awkward, she's wearing lingerie, the room is candle-lit, there are roses with them in the bed, and there's plenty of food and alcohol for them to share. For all parts and purposes, this is set up to be a lovers' evening. Between her and Schuldig. Who have a complicated partnership based on proximity and knowing way too much about the other. And who aren't inclined to take advantage of the setting.

Ema sighs deeply as she climbs out of the bed in search for a robe to cover herself. This is going to be an uncomfortable night.]
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[A: Action]

[Sometime in the late morning, Ema Skye can be found in her kitchen making (or simply setting out) a variety of breakfast foods: scrambled eggs, bacon, biscuits, toast, muffins, fresh fruit, and so forth. There's even coffee and some mimosas made from all-American orange juice from Florida and some sparkling wine from California (not champagne, that's French!).

Why all the food? Well, because it's Independence Day and Ema's decided to have an open house for brunch, that's why! Both her front door and her back one are wide open, allowing smells from the kitchen to drift out into the street and neighboring properties.

Come grab a bite and say hello? An open door means an open invite, after all, and that's what good neighbors do.]

[B: Phone]

[A little later on--after talking to several people--Ema's concerned and more than a little confused.]

I don't know what's gotten into the water, but I'd like to know why everyone is suddenly acting like the Communists have taken over and we shouldn't believe anything we're told.

What the hell happened? I thought this was a place where we trusted each other.
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[Klavier's droned. For good.

Needless to say, Ema's taken the discovery pretty hard. The two of them had been together for over a year after arriving within a few months of each other. Yes, lately things had been strained, but they had been working through it. Klavier was her rock, the man who gave her comfort when the town hit her too hard, the man who held her and assured her that she was brave (if reckless) and was doing the right thing.

He loved her. And she loved him. Loves him.

And now? All of that is gone, ripped out from underneath her. She has no rock, no lover to turn to. Mayfield has, effectively, taken away the most important foundation she has in her network of allies.]

Okay, Mayfield. I get it. We're all supposed to be miserable. There's not supposed to be any joy here. Fine.

Lesson learned.

[After a long pause.]

For anyone who knew him: Klavier's been droned.

[And she hangs up.]

A: 1492 Kramden Road
[Ema's only home for coffee and a meal. Both are sitting in front of her, half touched. Her expression is distant, as if she's not really there at all.]

B: in and around 5723 Cunningham Lane
[Ema has already torn through the house once today, tearing through Klavier's belongings in order to discern whether his droning was permanent or not. There's no reason for her to return; it's not like she can simply wish him back. Logically speaking, she's done with the address for now.

And yet, she's hanging around nearby, looking up at the house and sighing heavily as she thinks things over. Occasionally, some impotent anger flares in her and she throws something at the front door. She isn't sure if she's more depressed or more angry, so she's letting herself swing wildly between the two.]

C: John Doe Park
[Ema finally settles in the park, sitting on a park bench and drinking herself stupid. She knows this is a terrible way to react--it's letting the town win, in a way--but she needs to simply sit and be miserable. Tomorrow is for bouncing back and taking action. Today is for drinking until she feels better.

Unsurprisingly, it's not working. Several bottles are scattered on the ground around her. And Ema looks like she's ready to cry. Really, she's wanted to cry all day--it's just that she's finally ready to let herself do so]
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[Phone; Filtered from drones and the higher-ups]

I really hope everyone's recovering from all the... everything. And I hope those of you who were stupid enough to fall for it are happy with yourselves. This town never, ever gives anything up so easily. They're just messing with our heads.

Now that we've had some time to calm down and re-evaluate, I'd like to put this forward. Information is our best defense here. And I know there have been investigations carried out in the past, both by myself and by other people. But I don't think there's an actual investigative body among our resistance? I think we should form one.

I don't know what kind of spearhead I could be--all I've managed to do is get people together to collect forensic data on the Postman when we though he was dead--but... I'm willing to at least try and organize everyone. Please, if you can help, consider it.

[Filtered to Klavier]

How are you holding up? Did anything happen to you while everyone was killing each other?

[Residents of 1492 Kramden Drive]

[Ema's sitting in the kitchen, sipping some coffee and writing up some notes.

There's plenty to share.]
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[Filtered to one certain Edward Nigma.]


We need to talk. About what happened at prom and about the ridiculous amount of chocolate you left on my porch.

[Amazingly enough, she doesn't sound angry or even annoyed. Simply serious.]
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[Mayfield is no longer the town it once was. It's decimated, not unlike a warzone after a terrible battle... which, really, is exactly what this place is. The information that's starting to come in over the phones is no better--nothing conclusive, yet, but all of it unsettling. Ema almost longs for the squeaky-clean facade that she's grown accustomed to, as irritating as it was; at least that was familiar and somewhat predictable. This? This is carnage. This is the end of what patterns Ema had learned to expect from Mayfield. This is a need to rebuild. This is a horrible, overwhelming sense of uncertainty about the present and, more distressingly, about the future.

Ema really hates uncertainty.

However, it will do her no good to simply remain inactive, so she's forcing herself to pull herself together and press on. Now, more than ever, she wants to find a way out of here.]

[A: phone]
For all of you who came out to help with the Post Office investigation: thank you. The data is safe and I'm going to begin going through all that we've collected to see what we can make of it.

I hope you're all all right. And please consider keeping in touch; if we're going to learn how this place works, we'll need an active investigation team. If any of you saw something or heard something about what happened at the Dairy that you think is relevant to our interests, please let me know.

I'm going to inspect the damage and see if people are all right.

[B: housemates at 1492 Kramden Road]
[Ema is sitting at the kitchen table, drinking coffee. She's preparing to head out and visit people she's worried about/see what she can do with the forensic data she's managed to collect. The briefcase is sitting right next to her, untouched so far.]

[C: around town]
[Ema's wandering, trying to take in everything. It's almost unfathomable, how much has changed over the past several days. She supposes she should start taking an inventory of what's been destroyed and what needs to be taken care of, but... she doesn't even know where to begin. She's trained as an investigator, not a rescue worker.

Therefore, Ema decides to focus on making sure the people she cares about are all right. If you know her fairly well, expect a knock at your door.]

[D: 5723 Cunningham Lane]
[Hi, Klavier, here's your girlfriend with some dinner and a bottle of wine. It's a little late for Valentine's Day and the circumstances are far from ideal, but... after everything that's just happened, they probably both need a night to destress and just be a couple.

She also has a briefcase for you to hold onto. She doesn't trust Schuldig not to tamper with it.]
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[Ema's still shaking off death number four--probably the worst one yet, given that Klavier was right behind her when she took the bullet to her head and probably ended up with no small amount of her blood on him--but the town is spiraling into chaos and she feels like she needs to do something. If not because it's the Right Thing to Do, which is generally her modus operandi in dealing with these things but is becoming harder and harder to justify with no tangible results, then because it will give her a much-needed sense of organization and structure.

There's a battle going on in the Dairy. Ema's smart enough to stay away from it; she's no soldier and has no desire to die a second time. There will be plenty of others headed that way to investigate what's there. She'll leave that to people who can defend themselves better than she can.

The Post Office is open. To Ema, that seems like the far more obvious destination. With the Postman dead, it's possible that all of the weirdness died with him... but there might be traces. She'd be remiss to skip the opportunity.

So, to the phones she goes:]

I'm not going to the Dairy. I'll be more of a liability than any help to anyone investigating there. Those of you who are going: good luck.

I am, however, headed to the Post Office to investigate any traces of anything that the Postman might have left behind. Anyone who's able or willing to help me there, please meet me there. If we comb the place over scientifically, we might find something useful. And if we don't find anything... that's data, too.

Data is the best weapon we have. I plan on arming myself as much as I can with it.

[Filtered to Edward Nigma, if he's even near his phone.]

Obviously, we're not meeting today.

[Awkward pause.]

Try not to get yourself killed.

[Filtered to Klavier Gavin.]

I hope you're okay.

I love you, and after all of this is over we're locking ourselves in a room somewhere for awhile and not opening it for anyone.

((ooc: I'm going to put up an actual log for this sometime later this evening! :) This investigation is moderator-approved. ))

ETA: Log can be found here!
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[Ema's still shaken from the whole angels thing (and the uncomfortable night she spent with a certain Edward Nigma while spirited away to wherever that was), but an opportunity like this doesn't come up every day. They're being given the chance to explore their world beyond the one town; she'd be remiss as an investigator if she didn't jump at the chance. Even if that's what the town wants her to do. Even if it will end up like Westport. Even if she dies horribly for it. Again.

Although she doesn't feel nearly as resolved about this as she'd like, Ema has made up her mind--she's going. Which is why guests and housemates can find her packing up a few bags and getting ready. She's even dared to take money out of the bank account (after much, much grief and a few lies to the drone banker), something for which she's sure to hear about from Schuldig later, if not now.

After her bags are packed, she takes it to the phones.]

I don't trust this.

But it's an opportunity I can't let pass by, so I'm going. However, I'm not an idiot--I won't survive alone if things go poorly. So I'm asking for people to come with me, assuming everyone hasn't already left. Scout? You around?

[Filtered to Klavier]

I'm sorry. I know you don't like when I do this.

I'll be glad to have you with us, if you're up to an investigation.

[Actually, she'd prefer he come with.]
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[A nine-year-old girl with stick-straight brown hair is wandering around the town, calling out occasionally for someone named 'Lana.' She's obviously scared, being somewhere completely unfamiliar and separated from the only family she has left, but she's trying to be brave. As time goes on, however, panic becomes more and more obvious in her voice and in her movements.

It might be hard to pick her out without a lab coat, but the little girl is none other than Ema Skye. Feel free to approach her and help her out! Or make things worse, but you'd be a jerk if you did that.]
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Before we all start tearing into each other over the Postman's phone call and his accidental reveal: don't. I can't imagine wanting to stay in this hellhole, but I have a better place to return to. Someone pointed out to me that not everyone here does. [See, Scout? She listens!]

I have a feeling that we're going to have to stick together through whatever Lucy and the milkman throw at us.

[Filtered to "Alice, Charles, Rika, Empress and Harry"]
I'd like to speak with you.
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