Dec. 25th, 2010

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[On Christmas morning, Ema finds a bag of Snackoos, a picture of her family, and a note under the tree. Idly munching the treats--thank you, Santa!--Ema reads the note and considers, finally deciding to give it a shot. She doesn't expect the cheesy 'close your eyes and believe in the heart of the cards spirit of Christmas!' tactic to amount to anything, honestly, but for some reason she's compelled to try it anyway. It can't hurt, right?

Oh, yes. Yes, it can.

For as long as Ema's able to hold the illusion, it's wonderful. She's home with Klavier, her friends--even those she'd made in Mayfield, somehow--her sister, even her parents! She's successful and doing the science she's always dreamed of. She's warm, safe, happy--happier than she's been in ages. It's as if the terrible things in her life have never even happened. Her parents are alive, Joe Darke and Damon Gant never ruined Ema and Lana's lives when she was fourteen, Mayfield isn't even a factor....

And then some snow falls from the roof outside, making a great deal of noise and spooking Ema into opening her eyes. The illusion is broken and everything is lost.

After a few moments of honest disorientation as she realizes what has just happened, Ema throws the Snackoos and the photo across the room with a loud scream of rage before breaking down into sobs.]

((Thanks to the Christmas event, Ema did not start her Christmas in a very merry way. Her mood will improve over the course of the day as she slowly gets over the emotional bitchslap, though. Feel free to tag into one of the following:

a. Housemates or holiday visitors are welcome to find Ema sitting on the floor in tears.

b. After Ema's cried it out a bit, she's going to go outside and walk around, getting some air before headed to Klavier's for the night. She's still upset, but god dammit she is going to have a nice Christmas or heads will roll, so she's trying to calm herself down.

c. Hi, Klavier, Merry Christmas! Have an Ema! Her eyes and nose are still swollen and a bit red, but she's putting on a smile and is coming over for Christmas as planned! Plus she has food and a present for you. Even if they can't have the perfect Christmas she imagined when Santa tricked her into believing that something like that could magically happen, that's no reason not to have a good holiday with what they have. Right?

Also, replies will be slow. Holiday and all. :) ))


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