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[Ema died again.

This time, it was thanks to one of the Medic Zombie Twins feasting on her brains. After she hit on/made out with a bunch of people she probably shouldn't have hit on/made out with. Needless to say, Ema wakes up not only shaken from dying again in a short period of time, but also embarrassed and extremely irritated about everything that happened yesterday.

To the phones! Her tone is cranky, but those who know her well enough will probably be able to discern a great deal of discomfort directly behind it.]

I hope everyone's figured this out by now, but don't eat the damn candy. Throw it out, set it on fire, drown it in a toxic chemical--whatever it takes to keep you from trying one. I know it's tempting, but it's not worth it.

[Awkward pause.]

To anyone I talked to while I was... affected... I'm not usually like that. And I'm not interested except in exactly one of you. [Hi Klavier! ♥] So don't get any ideas.

[Another pause.]

Also, look out for zombies. They won't hesitate to kill you.

If you need me, I'll be taking a shower. A long one. No one else is invited.

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Ema? What happened?

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I had a piece of left over candy corn and it affected my behavior. Greatly.

[She's not too keen on admitting that the candy corn turned her into a sexy nurse with loose morals. >> Not to Kay, anyway.]

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Oh... okay. But you're all right now, right?

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One unfortunate confrontation with a zombie later, yeah.

[As horrific as it was to die in such a manner, it was possibly for the best. Kept her from making a greater ass of herself than she already has.]

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So you say, you whore.

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I only speak the truth.

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Except that I'm not a whore.

The town was messing with my head. I wasn't the only one!

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[Oh fucking hell it's another zombie.]

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Bbbbb... bbbbeeeeerrrrr....

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Hang up phone.

Lock self tightly in house.]

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Really? That's not how I remember it.

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[Of course.

Making out with Schuldig--and trying to get him to do more--is by far what she regrets most about yesterday. And that includes instances of actual sex.]

I've already been called a whore once today, Schuldig. I'm not in the mood to listen to you gloat at me.

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Who's gloating? That was a statement of fact.

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What happened yesterday wasn't my fault.

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[Guess who was here for Valentine's Day and knows better?]

Geez, ya ate some? I thought everyone'd know better, otherwise I woulda said somethin'...

Huh. But yer feelin' okay now? It wears off, I take it?

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Yeah, I did.

As far as it wearing off... I couldn't tell you. I died and woke up normal this morning.

...a zombie killed me.

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Seriously?! I didn't think they would be that dangerous, everythin' else seemed pretty harmless. That's a bummer though. Ya okay?

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I didn't expect it either.

I... I'll be fine. As... completely horrible as it is to die like that, it might have been for the better. I was....

Well, let's just say this conversation would be a lot more awkward if I'd run into you yesterday. [She would have been all over him.]

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Oh so I guess that... explains yesterday...

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...Yeah, it does.

I'm sorry about that, Touma. I'm sure it was really uncomfortable for you to have to deal with me throwing myself at you.

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A little bit... I mostly just thought it was really weird.

I won't tell anyone if you don't want me to.

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I don't know how much difference it will make in the long run; there are people I did worse things with who won't be nearly as considerate.

But thank you. I really do appreciate it.

[There's a long pause.]

How have you been? I mean, since Misaka.... and all.