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~twenty-eight~ [action post!]

[In which Ema helps herself to a piece of cinnamon candy and comes home from work with a much sexier uniform than what she left in.

And since this sexy nurse is feeling a bit... restless, she's going to wander the town in search of someone something interesting to do.

Have at her, gentlemen. ;) ]

[ETA: So, sexy nurse!Ema ends her day by being devoured by a zombie!Medic. Feel free to catch up with her beforehand or, alternatively, find her messy corpse in the middle of the street.]

((ooc: Because really, what is a slowatus? >> MAYFIELD, I WISH I COULD QUIT YOU.))

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[Oh, don't mind this guy. The unsuspecting Autobot is just headed off to work! Hands in his pockets, his mind a million miles away.]


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[Why hello there, handsome.

She quickly falls into step with him, all flirtatious smiles.]

Penny for your thoughts?


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[And, of course, the first thing he notices is the outfit.]

... Right now, they mostly concern what in the name of the All Spark you've got on.


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Oh, this old thing? It's just my uniform, nothing special~

Why do you ask? Do you like it?

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Your... your chest... plating is...

[He makes a helpless little motion over his own chest, trying to find the words for "cleavage popping out" and failing.

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Something I can help you with?

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Rejoice, woman, for this king is inviting you to his bed chambers.

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[Ema's eyebrows raise in a blend of surprise and interest.]

A king, you say?

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[[Something's coming along that will probably ruin your nurse party, Ema. It just so happens to be a zombified RED Medic, shuffling along and going straight at you. Do zombies count as something interesting to deal with?]]

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[Interesting, yes. Invited to her Sexy Nurse Party, no.

Ema slowly starts backing away from the zombie.]

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[[He's a party crasher, that's all. Medic starts picking up speed when she's backing away, staring right a her all the while. Might want to...start moving. Fast.]]

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[Oh shit.

With a scream, Ema turns and starts running away. Unfortunately for her, she ends up tripping and falling on her face. Stupid sexy nurse heels.]

derp I hope this is cool, they can meet before/after she went out?

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*Guess who's at home trying to eat the dust out of the bottom of the cereal box?*

That's fine! :) I was hoping housemates would tag in, actually!

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[Ema notices him and gives him a far-too-friendly sort of smile.]

And how have you been~? Haven't really talked to you in awhile...

okay rad >w<

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I'm alright, I should go buy some...

*... Oh.*

... You missed Halloween by a couple of days.

Hooray for awkward not!mom and not!son times! :D

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Oh, this thing? [She looks down at her dress.] I had a piece of candy earlier and I just... ended up in it.

Much more flattering than my usual nurse's uniform, wouldn't you agree?

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[Schuldig can feel something off about Ema's mind, so he knows Mayfield is probably up to something here(though he hasn't figured out the candy corn is to blame). But his first thought isn't to worry about that.

His first thought is to take advantage of this so he can mock Ema later. Best husband.]

Now why don't you dress like that every day? The town could use some livening up.

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[Oh, Ema is going to hate you for this later on, Schuldig.

For now, however, she only gives you a flirty smile and a chuckle.]

I can't go around wearing something like this every day, or it wouldn't be special.

Glad to hear you approve, though.

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Now how could something like that stop being special? [He gives her one of his most charming (read: least murderous) grins.]

Oh, I do. [He rakes her over with his eyes, so roughly that it's a wonder the gaze alone doesn't rip the clothes off.]

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If I had known that putting something like this on is what it takes for you to start being nicer to me, I probably would have done it awhile ago. [Well, probably not if she were in her right mind. And let's not talk about the fact that he's only trolling to throw it in her face later on.

She takes a few steps closer to him, returning his grin with a suggestive smile of her own.]
I'm at a disadvantage here; you can read my mind, but I'm only able to guess what's running through yours. [Judging from the way he's looking at her, however, she has a pretty good idea.]


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(If Ema's still up and about at night, she may see a large dingo resting up in a random yard.)

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[She's still up and about, at least until the zombie eats her.

She stops midstride, a little confused. Since when were there dingos in Mayfield?

Since dingos are wild animals, she doesn't approach. She just stares at it.]

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(He notices, though, and lifts his head to peer at her.)

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Hi there?

[What else is she supposed to say?]

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