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[The call comes from 1247 Williams Road.

No filters. What's the point in it?]

Klavier? Scout? Everyone?

Please tell me you're all right.

I'm fine; I'm at 1247 Williams Road and probably will remain here for the foreseeable future... I came over earlier to help a friend with a project that might help protect innocents.

It's not necessarily safe inside, but it seems safer than going outside or being at home.

Stay safe, all of you.

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I'm okay. I'm staying at Takeshi's place.

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That's good to hear. Make sure you two seal the place up--these hazmat people don't hesitate to let themselves in uninvited.

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Yeah, I'll make sure everyone here knows. Takeshi was in Westport too, so he should already know the best way to survive this. I just hope it ends in a few days like it did over there. I don't want to think about what happens if they don't ever stop.

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I hope so, too. I'm sorry to hear he was trapped there, but hopefully his knowledge will be to your advantage.

You two look out for each other then, okay? Stay safe.

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Yeah, I will. You stay safe too.

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I'm alright. The hazarts are my old friends from Westport, so I already know to avoid them as much as possible. But... They're unpredictable, so be careful, ja?

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I'll do my best to.

We've already had one casualty in this house. I won't stand to see another one.

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Call me if anything happens, okay?

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I will, but only if you promise to do the same.

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I promise.

Though it would be much better if you were here with me.

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Come on. These hazmats? Been there, done that. How you doin'?

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Just make sure that you don't get too cocky, okay?

I'm all right. Crowe was killed yesterday, but it looks like the resurrection is still functioning--he's up and moving now.

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When have I ever done such a thing?

Geez. They ain't gassin' people, are they?

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Do you really want an answer to that question?

No, no... it was with some kind of sharp weapon, right in the back. Judging from the wound, maybe an ax.

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Axes? Ain't nothin' I haven't handled before. So was this guy hidin' the Russian in his house 'r somethin'? Why'd they go after him?

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If you have to fight them, try and do so without puncturing their suits.

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Because of the gas, right?

I'll keep that in mind, thank you. Do you have any suggestions on how to slow them down enough to get away? [Ema has no illusions of being able to take them down.]

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... Get things in their way. Get as much between yourself and them as you possibly can.

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Thanks for the advice, Sideswipe.

How are you reacting to all this, if you don't mind my asking? What are you doing?

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Reacting? Oh, you know. Perfectly fine. Just damned wonderful.

[Just ignore the strain in his voice.]

I'm... talking to you. Telling anyone who wants to know about Westport. Protecting the weak. Being the big damned Autobot.

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Ema? I'm glad you're alright, I was getting worried.

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I'm fine, thanks. Left home, which may have been the smartest thing I could have done; my house will probably become Schwarz home base. I'd rather stay out of their way.

How are you? Holding up okay?

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I'm holding up just fine. I'm still trying to get Miakis to let me take a turn keeping an eye on the house. She isn't letting me help.

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Is that so? I'd say you're more than capable of holding up your share, given your training and all.

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Hahah yeah, that's what I said but she's still reluctant...I know she's just trying to protect me but..yeah. It'll be fine.

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