glowing_skye: (guhhhh)
Ema Skye ([personal profile] glowing_skye) wrote2010-10-15 10:57 pm
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[Filtered from Drones, Smiths, Grady, the Milkman, the Post Office.]

Did anyone actually manage to get a word in with Sergei Smirnov? He grabbed my arm while I was walking down the street last night, but he vanished before I could even react to him.

And filter your damn replies. I feel like this goes without saying, but just... double check, okay? I don't like this at all.

Also, Schuldig's droned... it's kind of creepy, to be honest.

[This is mostly a placeholder, since I'm off to pass out after a long day. I'll tag back tomorrow evening! ♥ NOW. Sorry about the long wait; RL happened. orz ]

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