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2011-11-21 01:58 am
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~forty-four~ [backdated to Shroomfield]

[A: In and around 1492 Kramden Road]

[Ema Skye is freaking out. Thanks to an ill-advised cafeteria meal at the hospital, she's hallucinating. As far as she's concerned, she's fourteen years old again (while simultaneously twenty-five), reliving one of the worst nights of her life. She's trapped in a darkened office with no source of light except for the occasional flash of lightning.

Joe Darke is coming after her.

Neil Marshall is coming to save her.

Neil Marshall is going to die, and it will be all her fault.

Sure, Damon Gant was the man who actually killed the prosecutor. But if he hadn't have come to her rescue, the opportunity would have never presented itself.

She can't handle this. So she can be found cowering, her arms over her head, waiting for history to repeat itself. Unless... maybe this time, Neil Marshall won't come to her rescue. Maybe this time, she's done for.

Either way, she waits.]

[B: Somewhere, sometime after A. Locked to [ profile] uranophobe and [ profile] puzzlerprince]

[Paging Dr. Jonathan Crane.

Your newest test subject is ready.]
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2011-09-02 08:16 pm
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~forty-two~ (locked to [ profile] have_your_lives)

[It takes Ema a few moments to sort through the disorientation that comes with waking up in an unfamiliar place. Once she pulls herself together, however, she realizes that it's not really all that unfamiliar--she's in the Louvre Hotel. Last summer, she had been trapped her with Klavier, leading to one of the best nights she's had since arriving in Mayfield. Back in better times with him, before tensions and the subsequent droning. She feels a bit of a sting, both from the memory and from the realization that time is still flying by. She's been here too long.

This year, Ema's bedmate is none other than her assigned husband, Schuldig. In all honesty, she's not sure if this is to her benefit or her detriment; she's not sure she's up to spending a night here with Edward with memories of Klavier coming back into focus. At least with Schuldig, she doesn't have to make any choices that can lead to bruised egos and a needless sense of competitive jealousy. On the other hand, she does need to worry about having her brain picked apart. Why would the setting and the situation change Schuldig's M.O. any, especially when there are several new (and questionable) developments in her personal life to dig into? If anything, the extended period of time in which they'll be trapped will probably encourage it, since there's nothing better for them to do.

And, to make things even more awkward, she's wearing lingerie, the room is candle-lit, there are roses with them in the bed, and there's plenty of food and alcohol for them to share. For all parts and purposes, this is set up to be a lovers' evening. Between her and Schuldig. Who have a complicated partnership based on proximity and knowing way too much about the other. And who aren't inclined to take advantage of the setting.

Ema sighs deeply as she climbs out of the bed in search for a robe to cover herself. This is going to be an uncomfortable night.]
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2011-06-14 12:26 am


[Phone; Filtered from drones and the higher-ups]

I really hope everyone's recovering from all the... everything. And I hope those of you who were stupid enough to fall for it are happy with yourselves. This town never, ever gives anything up so easily. They're just messing with our heads.

Now that we've had some time to calm down and re-evaluate, I'd like to put this forward. Information is our best defense here. And I know there have been investigations carried out in the past, both by myself and by other people. But I don't think there's an actual investigative body among our resistance? I think we should form one.

I don't know what kind of spearhead I could be--all I've managed to do is get people together to collect forensic data on the Postman when we though he was dead--but... I'm willing to at least try and organize everyone. Please, if you can help, consider it.

[Filtered to Klavier]

How are you holding up? Did anything happen to you while everyone was killing each other?

[Residents of 1492 Kramden Drive]

[Ema's sitting in the kitchen, sipping some coffee and writing up some notes.

There's plenty to share.]
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2011-03-23 05:29 pm
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~thirty-six~ [event!]

[Ema's still shaking off death number four--probably the worst one yet, given that Klavier was right behind her when she took the bullet to her head and probably ended up with no small amount of her blood on him--but the town is spiraling into chaos and she feels like she needs to do something. If not because it's the Right Thing to Do, which is generally her modus operandi in dealing with these things but is becoming harder and harder to justify with no tangible results, then because it will give her a much-needed sense of organization and structure.

There's a battle going on in the Dairy. Ema's smart enough to stay away from it; she's no soldier and has no desire to die a second time. There will be plenty of others headed that way to investigate what's there. She'll leave that to people who can defend themselves better than she can.

The Post Office is open. To Ema, that seems like the far more obvious destination. With the Postman dead, it's possible that all of the weirdness died with him... but there might be traces. She'd be remiss to skip the opportunity.

So, to the phones she goes:]

I'm not going to the Dairy. I'll be more of a liability than any help to anyone investigating there. Those of you who are going: good luck.

I am, however, headed to the Post Office to investigate any traces of anything that the Postman might have left behind. Anyone who's able or willing to help me there, please meet me there. If we comb the place over scientifically, we might find something useful. And if we don't find anything... that's data, too.

Data is the best weapon we have. I plan on arming myself as much as I can with it.

[Filtered to Edward Nigma, if he's even near his phone.]

Obviously, we're not meeting today.

[Awkward pause.]

Try not to get yourself killed.

[Filtered to Klavier Gavin.]

I hope you're okay.

I love you, and after all of this is over we're locking ourselves in a room somewhere for awhile and not opening it for anyone.

((ooc: I'm going to put up an actual log for this sometime later this evening! :) This investigation is moderator-approved. ))

ETA: Log can be found here!
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2011-01-18 03:00 pm
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~thirty-four~ [backdated to over the weekend!]

[A nine-year-old girl with stick-straight brown hair is wandering around the town, calling out occasionally for someone named 'Lana.' She's obviously scared, being somewhere completely unfamiliar and separated from the only family she has left, but she's trying to be brave. As time goes on, however, panic becomes more and more obvious in her voice and in her movements.

It might be hard to pick her out without a lab coat, but the little girl is none other than Ema Skye. Feel free to approach her and help her out! Or make things worse, but you'd be a jerk if you did that.]
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2011-01-06 04:08 am
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Before we all start tearing into each other over the Postman's phone call and his accidental reveal: don't. I can't imagine wanting to stay in this hellhole, but I have a better place to return to. Someone pointed out to me that not everyone here does. [See, Scout? She listens!]

I have a feeling that we're going to have to stick together through whatever Lucy and the milkman throw at us.

[Filtered to "Alice, Charles, Rika, Empress and Harry"]
I'd like to speak with you.
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2010-12-25 02:41 am
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~thirty-two~ [Merry Christmas!]

[On Christmas morning, Ema finds a bag of Snackoos, a picture of her family, and a note under the tree. Idly munching the treats--thank you, Santa!--Ema reads the note and considers, finally deciding to give it a shot. She doesn't expect the cheesy 'close your eyes and believe in the heart of the cards spirit of Christmas!' tactic to amount to anything, honestly, but for some reason she's compelled to try it anyway. It can't hurt, right?

Oh, yes. Yes, it can.

For as long as Ema's able to hold the illusion, it's wonderful. She's home with Klavier, her friends--even those she'd made in Mayfield, somehow--her sister, even her parents! She's successful and doing the science she's always dreamed of. She's warm, safe, happy--happier than she's been in ages. It's as if the terrible things in her life have never even happened. Her parents are alive, Joe Darke and Damon Gant never ruined Ema and Lana's lives when she was fourteen, Mayfield isn't even a factor....

And then some snow falls from the roof outside, making a great deal of noise and spooking Ema into opening her eyes. The illusion is broken and everything is lost.

After a few moments of honest disorientation as she realizes what has just happened, Ema throws the Snackoos and the photo across the room with a loud scream of rage before breaking down into sobs.]

((Thanks to the Christmas event, Ema did not start her Christmas in a very merry way. Her mood will improve over the course of the day as she slowly gets over the emotional bitchslap, though. Feel free to tag into one of the following:

a. Housemates or holiday visitors are welcome to find Ema sitting on the floor in tears.

b. After Ema's cried it out a bit, she's going to go outside and walk around, getting some air before headed to Klavier's for the night. She's still upset, but god dammit she is going to have a nice Christmas or heads will roll, so she's trying to calm herself down.

c. Hi, Klavier, Merry Christmas! Have an Ema! Her eyes and nose are still swollen and a bit red, but she's putting on a smile and is coming over for Christmas as planned! Plus she has food and a present for you. Even if they can't have the perfect Christmas she imagined when Santa tricked her into believing that something like that could magically happen, that's no reason not to have a good holiday with what they have. Right?

Also, replies will be slow. Holiday and all. :) ))
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2010-12-15 02:51 am
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[Ema's finally feeling better!

Too bad she's too angry at the universe to really appreciate that fact. After being terrorized by Schuldig* and receiving a peice of leather with her handprint on it, Ema is not in a good mood.

Judging from her tone, it's incredibly obvious.]

Investigation people? What's our status?

[Filtered to Klavier]

Is it okay if I come over for awhile? Otherwise I might end up punching a certain redhead in the face. [And he would probably snap her neck, so that's something to be avoided.]

* ((Trigger warning for abusive relationships. It veers really close.))
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2010-11-18 08:23 pm
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[Ema has been putting this off long enough. It's time for another installment of Awkward Conversations You Never Want to Have With Your Boyfriend!

Today's episode: Spicy Tasting Candy Corn Made Me a Bit Easy, Oops.

As such, she'll be calling Klavier on the phone first to make sure he's available and willing to talk to her.]

[Filtered SO HARD to Klavier.]

Hey there. You free this afternoon?
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2010-11-08 08:01 pm
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[Ema died again.

This time, it was thanks to one of the Medic Zombie Twins feasting on her brains. After she hit on/made out with a bunch of people she probably shouldn't have hit on/made out with. Needless to say, Ema wakes up not only shaken from dying again in a short period of time, but also embarrassed and extremely irritated about everything that happened yesterday.

To the phones! Her tone is cranky, but those who know her well enough will probably be able to discern a great deal of discomfort directly behind it.]

I hope everyone's figured this out by now, but don't eat the damn candy. Throw it out, set it on fire, drown it in a toxic chemical--whatever it takes to keep you from trying one. I know it's tempting, but it's not worth it.

[Awkward pause.]

To anyone I talked to while I was... affected... I'm not usually like that. And I'm not interested except in exactly one of you. [Hi Klavier! ♥] So don't get any ideas.

[Another pause.]

Also, look out for zombies. They won't hesitate to kill you.

If you need me, I'll be taking a shower. A long one. No one else is invited.

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2010-11-05 11:09 pm
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~twenty-eight~ [action post!]

[In which Ema helps herself to a piece of cinnamon candy and comes home from work with a much sexier uniform than what she left in.

And since this sexy nurse is feeling a bit... restless, she's going to wander the town in search of someone something interesting to do.

Have at her, gentlemen. ;) ]

[ETA: So, sexy nurse!Ema ends her day by being devoured by a zombie!Medic. Feel free to catch up with her beforehand or, alternatively, find her messy corpse in the middle of the street.]

((ooc: Because really, what is a slowatus? >> MAYFIELD, I WISH I COULD QUIT YOU.))
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2010-10-27 08:13 pm
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~twenty-six~ [action post!]

[Ema died.

It was a horror of fire and destruction as the hazmat-suited men tore through the house, setting things aflame and cutting down anyone who got too close. Ema made it a point to put herself between the hazmats and the children of the home--Crowe and Ash especially--but all that earned her was an ax to the point where her neck meets her shoulder, followed quickly with being set on fire. Her death was not immediate and in the end it was rather futile; everyone else died, too.

It is with this memory fresh in her mind that Ema wakes up the following morning, face-to-face with Schuldig. Someone else is asleep in the bed behind her.

Acting entirely on instinct, Ema screams.]

((ooc: Ema will be hitting the phones later, but for now she has to deal with the fact that her home is currently filled with the Schuldig's peeps. LUCKY HER.))
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2010-10-22 11:04 am
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[The call comes from 1247 Williams Road.

No filters. What's the point in it?]

Klavier? Scout? Everyone?

Please tell me you're all right.

I'm fine; I'm at 1247 Williams Road and probably will remain here for the foreseeable future... I came over earlier to help a friend with a project that might help protect innocents.

It's not necessarily safe inside, but it seems safer than going outside or being at home.

Stay safe, all of you.
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2010-10-17 09:11 pm


[Filtered SO HARD to Ken Hidaka.]

You didn't warn me about the Berserker.

[He can probably tell by the tone of her voice that she's on the verge of a panic attack or something similar to it. No wonder.]

~ ~ ~

[And after that conversation's over, Ema's off to freak out at her boyfriend. Hope you're feeling up to calming her down, Klavier!]

~ ~ ~

[And after that, Ema's back home the following morning to bitch at Schuldig about it/pack some belongings for her next round of I-hate-sleeping-at-home housecalls.]
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2010-10-15 10:57 pm
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[Filtered from Drones, Smiths, Grady, the Milkman, the Post Office.]

Did anyone actually manage to get a word in with Sergei Smirnov? He grabbed my arm while I was walking down the street last night, but he vanished before I could even react to him.

And filter your damn replies. I feel like this goes without saying, but just... double check, okay? I don't like this at all.

Also, Schuldig's droned... it's kind of creepy, to be honest.

[This is mostly a placeholder, since I'm off to pass out after a long day. I'll tag back tomorrow evening! ♥ NOW. Sorry about the long wait; RL happened. orz ]